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Small businesses are thriving in the United States, comprising 99.7% of all American businesses.

However, the first few years of running any small business are the most difficult, which means that this early period is the most important time to focus on steady growth which will help you to build a sturdy startup foundation.

Not to worry! We’ll show you how to grow your business in only four steps. 

Hire the right team.

Nearly a quarter of small business failures are due to not having the right group of employees to bolster the company along. Start strong with the best, most reliable team you can afford. If you notice problems within your staff, deal with them swiftly. 

Also, be aware of your company’s growth and how you will need to expand your workforce to accommodate the change. Stay ahead of the curve to avoid stagnation down the line.

Budget for marketing (and make it digital).

You won’t get far without marketing your business—you can’t expect an increase in Clients if new customers don’t even know you exist!

There’s no better way to grow your business than to embrace the digital realm, and there are plenty of success stories out there to prove it. After opening an online store and utilizing paid ads, a small deli reported a revenue increase of 139.11% and saw an even larger increase in conversion rates and transactions.

Despite this, 80% of small businesses aren’t investing in content marketing, something which experts claim is incredibly detrimental to success.

Nurture customer relationships.

Customers have the potential to be your biggest fans. As you build your clientele with honest, dependable service, they will become more and more likely to return to you a second time, then a third.

Plus, loyal customers consistently pleased with your services will probably recommend your business to their colleagues, resulting in business growth and some built-in marketing!

Consult with an Online Business Coach.

Growing a small business is difficult work, so don’t go it alone. Instead, work with an Online Business Coach who can teach you exactly how to get big in the business world during your startup’s crucial first years.

Thanks to online business coaching sessions, entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to international expertise and personal guidance as they nurture their businesses toward healthy expansion.

Embrace your passion and ambition by aiming to grow your small business until it reaches new heights, and get started by signing up for your first business coaching session today. Scheduling is flexible and easy, perfect for business owners with stacked schedules.

With these Online Business Coaches at your fingertips, you’ll find yourself turning your business into a success in no time. Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches now and book a session. 

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Get the help your business needs without it costing an arm or a leg. Book a session today!

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