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Which one is your child's?

See what's your child's preferred method.


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There are many different learning styles, and some may work for your child while others may not. Online tutoring can cater to your child’s specific learning needs and ensure different types of learners are succeeding. 

Different learning styles

A child can learn in many different ways, and it is important to understand what works best for them. No one's learning style is better than another, and the different learning styles include the following: Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Spatial, Auditory, and Mathematical.

Learning Styles Infographic

Linguistic learners lean towards verbal communication and prefer to use speech, writing, and role-playing to understand concepts. Kinesthetic learners, on the other hand, like to use their sense of touch to learn, preferring to build things and do hands-on projects. 

Children who favor spatial learning styles learn best through visuals including pictures and observing others. If your child learns best with an auditory style of teaching, he or she will get the most from listening and learning through lectures. Mathematical learners favor logic and reason to help them recognize patterns that allow them to learn and understand. 

Social vs solitary learning

Your child can learn best by using one or many of the learning styles mentioned above, but there is another factor to consider – are they social learners or solitary learners?

A social learner is great in groups and enjoys being involved with other students and activities. They tend to be engaged in class and ask many questions, seemingly thriving in the classroom environment.

Solitary learners, however, are a bit more reserved and tend to keep to themselves. These types of children are able to tackle problems on their own and are often very independent from a young age. 

How to ensure your child is getting the most out of learning

As you can see, there are many learning styles for kids, and different types of learners need different tools and teaching approaches. In a classroom setting, it is almost impossible for a teacher to spend one-on-one time with every student or cater a lesson plan to ensure his or her learning style is used.

Online Tutoring can provide that individualized setting for your child, ensuring that all different types of learners get the most out of their education. Online Tutors have many learning tools for kids, allowing them to cater to their specific needs so they can learn the best they can. 

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