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Love Bombing vs. Genuine Love: How to Tell the Difference

Are you being love-bombed? Uncover the truth now.

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In this article, we will explore the signs of love bombing and how to tell the difference between genuine love and love bombing.

Love bombing can happen in any type of relationship, and it is essential to understand the signs of love bombing to protect yourself.

It is a manipulation tactic used by some people in relationships.

It is a behavior where one person overwhelms the other with affection, attention, and gifts to gain control and manipulate them. 

What is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is a manipulation tactic used to control and manipulate someone by overwhelming them with affection, attention, and gifts. 

It can be difficult to detect because it often feels like genuine love and kindness, but it is not. The goal of love bombing is to gain control of the person by creating a dependency on the love bomber.

 Love bombers often use this technique to get what they want from the other person, such as money, sex, or control.

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Signs of Love Bombing

Here are some signs of love bombing to watch out for:

Intense Affection and Attention:

Love bombers often shower their target with intense affection and attention. They may say things like "I've never felt this way before" or "You're the only one for me." They may also want to spend all their time with the target and become obsessive about the relationship.

Quick Declarations of Love:

They often declare their love quickly and intensely. They may say "I love you" after only a few dates, or even before they have met in person. These declarations of love can feel overwhelming and insincere.

Overwhelming Gifts and Gestures:

Love bombers often use gifts and gestures to show their love. They may buy expensive gifts, send flowers or chocolates, or write love letters. While these gifts and gestures may seem romantic, they are often used as a way to manipulate the target.

Highs and Lows:

They can often create a rollercoaster of emotions for their target. Love bombers may be loving and affectionate one moment and distant and cold the next. This creates a sense of confusion and uncertainty in the target, making them more vulnerable to manipulation.

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Pressuring for Commitment:

Love bombers often pressure their target for commitment early on in the relationship. They may talk about marriage, moving in together, or having children, even if the relationship is still in its early stages. 

This pressure can make the target feel trapped and obligated to stay in the relationship.

Isolation from Friends and Family:

They may try to isolate their target from friends and family. They might also try to control who the target sees and when they see them. This can make the target feel dependent on the love bomber and easier to manipulate.

Controlling Behavior:

Love bombers may use controlling behavior to manipulate their target. They may try to control what the target wears, who they see, and what they do. They may also become jealous or possessive, which can create a sense of anxiety in the target.

Lack of Boundaries:

They often disregard the target's boundaries. They may ignore the target's wishes and preferences, and they may not respect their personal space or privacy. 

This lack of boundaries can be a sign that the love bomber is more concerned with their own needs than the needs of the target.

How to Tell the Difference Between Genuine Love and Love Bombing

While love bombing can feel like genuine love and kindness, there are some key differences between the two. Here are some ways to tell the difference between genuine love and love bombing:


Genuine love is consistent over time. The love and affection in the relationship are not based on manipulation or control, but rather a genuine connection between two people. 

On the other hand, love bombers may be inconsistent in their behavior, showing intense affection one moment and then withdrawing or becoming distant the next.

Respect for Boundaries:

In a genuine loving relationship, both partners respect each other's boundaries. They understand that each person has their own needs, preferences, and personal space, and they work together to find a balance that works for both of them. 

Love bombers, on the other hand, may disregard their partner's boundaries, making them feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Mutual Support:

In a genuine loving relationship, both partners support each other emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

They encourage each other to pursue their goals and dreams, and they are there for each other during difficult times. 

Love bombers, on the other hand, may only offer support as a way to control their partner, rather than out of genuine care and concern.

Trust and Honesty:

Trust and honesty are important foundations of any healthy relationship. In a genuine loving relationship, both partners are open and honest with each other, and they trust each other to be faithful, loyal, and supportive. 

Love bombers, on the other hand, may use lies and deceit to manipulate their partner and gain control over them.


In a genuine loving relationship, both partners are independent and have their own lives outside of the relationship. 

They understand the importance of maintaining their individuality and personal identity, while still being committed to each other. 

Love bombers, on the other hand, may try to control their partner's every move, isolating them from friends and family and making them dependent on the love bomber.

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Love bombing is a dangerous and manipulative behavior that can cause lasting emotional and psychological harm. If you suspect that you are being love-bombed, it is essential to seek help and support you can trust from a trusted friend, family member, or Online Relationship Coach, Counselor, or Therapist

You can also join our "Discuss with Experts" for free and get professional guidance and support from others like you. 

By understanding the signs of love bombing and knowing how to tell the difference between genuine love and manipulation, you can protect yourself from being taken advantage of in a relationship. 

Remember, true love is built on mutual respect, trust, and honesty, and it should never feel overwhelming or controlling.

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