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How Gentle Parenting Can Help Children Behave Better | Gentle Parenting Discipline Examples

Learn more about gentle parenting discipline techniques

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Every parent wants their child to grow up in a positive environment with good behavior, but often it can be difficult for parents to properly deal with the challenges of parenting. Here, we'll explore gentle parenting discipline examples.

What is Gentle Parenting?

If you're looking for a way to help your child behave better, consider trying gentle parenting. This method of parenting is based on the belief that children are born with an innate sense of goodness, and that we can help them develop this by being attuned to their needs and giving them unconditional love and support.

Gentle parenting focuses on creating a calm, loving environment for our children and helping them feel safe and secure. We also communicate clearly and often with our children, letting them know what is expected of them and what our expectations are of them. Finally, we celebrate our children's successes and encourage them to try again when they fail.

All of these things can help create a more peaceful home life for everyone involved. So if you're looking for a way to improve your child's behavior, consider trying gentle parenting methods.

How Can Gentle Parenting Help Children Behave Better?

Gentle parenting is a term that is used to describe a parenting style that is based on empathy and understanding. 

It is the opposite of authoritarian or punitive parenting, and it has been shown to be much more effective in helping children behave well. There are many reasons why gentle parenting can help children behave better. 

First, when children feel understood and valued, they are more likely to cooperate and try to please their parents. 

Second, gentle parenting provides clear boundaries and expectations without resorting to punishment or negative reinforcement. This helps children learn self-control and how to manage their own emotions. 

Finally, gentle parenting fosters positive relationships between parents and children, which makes discipline easier and more effective overall.

If you are looking for a way to help your child behave better, gentle parenting may be the answer. Talk to your child's doctor or a licensed therapist to learn more about this approach and how you can implement it in your home.

What are the Benefits of Gentle Parenting?

Gentle parenting can bring many positive benefits to a child’s development, not only helping them to behave better but also to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Here are some of the key benefits of gentle parenting: 

A Positive Relationship:

Gentle parenting encourages an atmosphere of mutual respect between parent and child. This helps children to feel safe and secure in their environment, which can have a positive impact on their behavior. With gentle parenting, parents are willing to listen to their child’s perspectives and acknowledge their feelings, rather than just imposing rules and punishments. 

Improved Self-Esteem:

By providing a supportive and caring environment for children, gentle parenting can help build strong self-esteem and confidence in kids. When children know that they are being heard and respected, they are more likely to try new things, take risks, and be independent. 

Strong Social Skills:

Gentle parenting promotes cooperation with others by teaching children how to communicate effectively in a respectful manner. Kids learn how to share their thoughts openly while considering the opinion of others. This leads to stronger relationships with peers, teachers, and other adults later in life. 


Children who experience gentle parenting will develop better problem-solving skills as they learn how to think for themselves and make responsible decisions within certain boundaries set by the parent. This helps kids develop important life skills such as planning ahead and being accountable for their actions. 

Gentle parenting is not only beneficial for helping children behave better - it also provides them with lifelong tools that will help them become successful adults!

Gentle Parenting Discipline Examples

Gentle parenting is about understanding your child’s needs and having empathy for them. It’s about creating an environment of warmth, trust, and connection with your child. Here are some gentle parenting example techniques that can help children behave better: 

Use a gentle tonality:

Many times, parents can be too harsh when they talk to their children. Instead, try speaking with a softer tone so your children feel respected and heard. 

Show appreciation and positive reinforcement:

Let your children know when they do something well and give positive feedback when they make mistakes. This will help to build their self-esteem and make them more likely to repeat desired behaviors. 

Allow natural consequences: 

If you find yourself tempted to discipline harshly, take a step back and allow natural consequences to take effect. This could mean allowing them to face the consequences of their actions without intervening as much as possible. 

Find teachable moments:

When negative behaviors arise, use them as an opportunity to teach your child how to do things differently next time, instead of punishing them for the mistake or misbehavior. 

Spend quality time together:

Make sure you set aside enough time each day to spend quality time together with your child—listening, talking, playing games, or engaging in other activities that create a bond between the two of you. Doing so will help create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding in your home.

Final Thoughts

Gentle parenting is an effective way to help children learn the proper behavior they need to become successful, happy adults. 

It is a solution that is tailored to each individual family’s needs, and that creates a strong bond between parent and child. 

If you need help with this process, an Online Parenting Coach can provide guidance, support you can trust and resources to help you on your journey. With gentle parenting, you can create a positive environment for your child and set them up for success in life.

Book a session with an Online Parenting Coach, read articles written by them or get FREE guidance and advice by asking a question in our “Discuss with Experts”.

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