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I've Cheated, Will My Ex Come Back?

If this is the predicament you're in, read on for advice.

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You made a mistake by cheating and now you're probably asking "will my ex come back to me?". 

Before we get into winning your ex back, let's face it, your ex is deeply hurt by what happened and the healing process isn’t overnight. The reason you broke up is that your ex is feeling betrayed and needs to process what happened. 

You've also shattered your ex's trust in you completely and because of this, your ex might never be able to rebuild it. 

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Depending on your situation and your ex, there is hope for reuniting and coming back stronger than ever. 

In this article, we'll analyze the situation and give you tips and advice on how to win your ex back. We also share articles that were written by professionals and that already helped others like you. Let us remind you that all the authors are professionals with whom you can directly book a video session for personalized help, right here on WikiExpert

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Why Did You Cheat?

The first thing you need to look at and consider is why you cheated on your ex in the first place. Let's cover some common reasons:

Reasons for cheating

  • It just happened and it was not planned;
  • Both of you were going through a rough patch;
  • You're in a sexless relationship;
  • You were feeling bored in your relationship.

These are just a few reasons that could have led to infidelity. You need to think about what made you do this. 

why did you cheat?

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How Many Times Have You Cheated?

If it's the first time you've done it, then it's much easier for your partner to forgive you. However, this is not always the case. Every individual and relationship is different. People react differently and some may not be as forgiving as others. 

Generally, it is easier to forgive if it's happened once only. If this is not your first time but your second, third or more, then bear in mind that your partner is probably not going to be able to forgive you, or at least, not so easily.

At this point, your ex will lose hope, feel betrayed beyond words and will give up on you.

Especially when your ex has worked so hard to trust you again and has invested a lot into your relationship. 

So, before attempting to get your ex back, you need to think carefully about you'll be forgiven this time and if your ex will come back to you. 

Monogamous relationship

You also need to take into consideration that if you're going to do it again and if a monogamous relationship isn't working out for you, then it's best to let your ex go. 

If your ex does return, then you'll need to put more effort into your relationship and of course, be faithful.

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How to Get Your Ex Back 

So, you've probably apologized a million times to your ex, but understand this, it's simply not going to cut it. 

An apology isn't going to take away the pain and emotional trauma that you've put your ex through. So, here are a few strategies on how to win your ex back.

Don't Make Any Contact with Your Ex

The no-contact rule usually works after a breakup and it brings your ex back. Beyond this, your ex needs space to heal and recover from a broken heart. Therefore, it is essential that you allow this to happen. 

No matter how badly you want to call or visit your ex, you need to give it some time. 

Give your ex space

Change Yourself for the Better

It's pointless to work towards getting your ex back and not improving yourself. Should you reunite, then you need to remain faithful. 

So, think about how you can make a change for the better, how you can invest more in your relationship and be a better partner. Moreover, keep your ex happy. 

Win Your Ex's Trust Again

If your ex is willing to give you another chance and you have both made the decision to get back together, then this is when the hard work begins.

You'll need to rebuild and gain trust again, which bear in mind, will be very difficult for your ex to do.

Here are a few steps you can take to do this:

Show a Positive Change:

Telling your ex that you've changed simply won't do it. You'll need to prove yourself worthy of trust. 

Prove yourself worthy of trust

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Without communication, a relationship isn't considered healthy. Now more than ever, you need to have strong communication skills so that you can get through this rough patch.

Let your ex know about your expectations and hear what's expected from you. You also need to explain and give reasons as to why you cheated in the first place so that you can work on that issue. 

Accept your mistakes, then it will be easier for you both to move forward.

Accept your mistakes

Be Patient and Understanding:

You should expect your ex to feel insecure and jealous. This is perfectly normal. Moreover, this might last for a long time, or at least until you have earned trust. 

Therefore, you need to be patient and understand what your ex is going through. Reassure your ex every step of the way. 

Ensure that your ex knows that you are entirely focused on your relationship.

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Get Professional Help

Both of you will benefit from the help of an Expert in this matter. You'll learn how to communicate more effectively, resolve your issues and overcome this dark period. 

A professional will help you throughout your journey of saving your relationship so that you can both be happy. 

On WikiExpert, you can read articles written by professionals and follow the topic "relationship" to stay updated on the latest. 

You can also book a session with an Online Relationship Coach or Marriage Counselor for help that's tailored to your needs. 

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