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Will My Ex Come Back to Me?

If you're asking yourself this, see the signs.

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So, you might be asking yourself "will my ex come back?". Let's face it, breakups are undoubtedly difficult to get through. Sometimes, a relationship ends on such a bad note that it might seem as though there is no hope for reuniting. 

If you're reading this article, then most likely you still feel there is hope for you and your ex and you want to make things work. Here, we will cover some signs that your ex will return to you and when that happens, you'll both need to work together to prevent another breakup in the future.

In this article, we share some articles that were written by professionals that others like you found helpful. 

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The 30-day no contact rule is basically one of the most effective tools available to you for changing the dynamic between you and your ex, you can make him come back to you. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

Will my ex come back to me? 

Will my ex come back?

You and your ex never made it official

Whether it's setting the relationship status on Facebook to "single" or telling everyone about your breakup. Not making it official and known is a sign that you'll reunite. 

You're still in contact

Are you and your ex still contacting each other? If you have kids in the picture, then contact will probably not be broken but if you find yourself and your ex contacting each other for reasons outside of your children, then this a strong indication that you'll both reunite. 

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Learn how to get your relationship back on track. Read this article by George Stack, Online Counselor and Life Coach. 

Not cutting you out

With some breakups, the partners usually block each other from all their social media channels, whilst others don't go this route. 

However, they still avoid contact with one another. If you and your ex are still chatting and calling each other, it means you can't live without each other. Therefore, the chances of getting back together are high. Even more so, when you still visit each other. This is a strong sign of reuniting.

You are now "friends"

When a relationship ends badly, it usually ends up with both partners not wanting to have anything to do with each other and even when it has a peaceful ending, there is awkwardness. So, when your ex says "we can still be friends", it means that there is hope.

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Your ex could be your twin flame. However, this journey to reuniting isn't always easy. Read about the purpose of the twin flame journey. Written by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

Your ex isn't over you

Getting over each other and the breakup does take time. However, when your ex is deeply hurt and not over you, you'll pick up on his behavior and the things he might say to others that indicate he's not ready to move on. You might also notice jealousy from your ex, which is another strong sign. 

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Tony Fahkry, Online Life Coach talks about how to respond when your life takes an unexpected turn. Read the full article for more tips.

Your breakup was for external reasons

Think long and hard about this… What was the reason for your breakup? Were there no issues between the two of you? Were you truly happy when you were together? Did your family or your ex's get in the way? Was it due to stressful work conditions? If the two of you had no problems with each other, then there is definitely hope for you getting back together. 

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Can the Law of Attraction save your relationship? Read this article to learn more and see how you can use it. Written by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 


The best thing you can do is take it one day at a time. On WikiExpert, you can read articles that were written by professionals and follow the topic relationship to get tips and advice. 

If you do end up getting back together and you want to make things work, you can book a session with one of our Online Relationship Coaches to help you both move forward. You can also seek help from these Experts for advice on getting your ex back. 

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