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Worried about getting laid off from work?

You can reduce your chances of this.

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Even the most experienced, hard-working and dedicated employees can get laid off at work. Especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic at large, the numbers of businesses that are declining have been on the increase and the economy’s crashing leads to more people being laid off from their jobs.

Due to this, the unemployment rates are astonishing. It's perfectly normal to feel stressed and anxious at a time like this. 

This feels unsettling and unpredictable. If you’re worried that this might happen to you, in this article, we will share some career tips and advice to reduce your chances of getting laid off. Even if there is no guarantee of you keeping your job, it is still definitely worth the try. 

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See the unemployment rates in the USA, UK and Europe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tips for reducing your chances of being laid off 

How to reduce your chances of being laid off - inf


Now is the time to take on extra responsibilities wherever possible even if there is no extra money involved. By doing this, you could help to save the company and your job too! So be prepared to go the extra mile!

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Are the jobs being lost or transformed? Read this article to find out. Written by Sudeep Ghosh, Online Career Coach. 

Be positive 

It's difficult to stay positive and motivated when the circumstances are such. However, to reduce your chances of being laid off, you need to remain positive and show your managers and employees that you're staying positive and optimistic amidst this crisis. 

Expand your skills

Expanding your skills and knowledge set has numerous benefits! Also by doing this, you'll reduce your chances of being laid off. You'll be able to wear many hats in your workplace. Therefore, making you valuable to the company. 

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Your career identity is important. Learn more by reading this article. Written by Shannon Rollins, Online Career Coach. 

Demonstrate your value and shine!

We understand that no one likes to brag. However, you don't have to do this to be able to shine and show your worth. You can demonstrate your value by taking just a few steps:

  • Keep your employer or managers updated on all your work;
  • Let them know when goals are accomplished or when anything good happens because of you;
  • When customers or Clients say good things about you, ask them for a written testimonial and share it. 

Bottom line, make yourself indispensable!

Prepare for a salary decrease

Let's face it, no one likes taking a drop. We all aim for higher, not lower. In some cases, where the company is facing huge losses, they might not want to get rid of you but due to the circumstances, they'll probably decrease your salary. So, if you'd like to keep your job, be prepared for this. If you're really unhappy with this, then you can look for another job.

Build relationships with your employers and managers

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being friendly in your workplace and chatting up your colleagues, employers, managers, etc. Start by building trust and be the type of person that they wouldn't want to let go of. 

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See how you can develop a work ethic. Read this article by Ronald Scott, Online Life Coach. 


We wish you all the best with keeping your job. However, if you feel that all hope is lost, don't despair. You start your job search. Read articles on WikiExpert for career advice and you can even follow this topic to stay up-to-date. You can also book a session with one of our Online Career Coaches for help on how to secure your current job or a new one. 

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