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Parenting 2-year-olds.

Your guide on how to get through this stage.

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You might have heard the saying "terrible twos". In this article, we give you parenting tips for 2-year-olds. 

At this stage of your child's life, he is starting to walk, talk, play by himself and do more things independently. This list also includes testing your patience and trying to get his way with almost everything. 

Your child is now a toddler and not a baby anymore. He is also not old enough to realize the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, it is important for you and your spouse to start molding his young mind to prevent problems later in his childhood and teenage years. 

It is a challenging phase for most parents. It leaves many moms and dads feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. 

This terrible two-stage won’t last forever, you can get through it. 

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Some common symptoms of the terrible twos

  • Tantrums;
  • Mood swings;
  • Fussiness;
  • Rebellion;
  • Demanding.

Tips for parenting 2-year olds

Tips for parenting 2 year olds

Avoid situations that trigger tantrums

Don't buy your child toys that are too advanced for him, this will only trigger tantrums. If a certain candy shop or restaurant triggers a tantrum, then try to avoid it altogether. 

Be firm with your toddler

Your child will test your patience and also try his best to get his way. As the parent, it is your task to be firm and assertive with him. When you say no, it should stay that way. Don't give in to your child or else it will keep happening throughout his life. 

Praise good behavior and deeds

When your toddler does something good or behaves well, you should praise him. This will encourage good behavior and you're also teaching him what's right and wrong. When he listens to you, ensure that you praise him for that too. Some simples acts of praise are by hugging, complimenting, etc. 

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Establish a routine

Your toddler does not understand the concept of time. So, it's difficult but it is important to set a routine and stick to it! When it's mealtimes, your child needs to sit at the table and eat. When it's bedtime, set the mode and put him into bed. Again, you will need to firm. 

Give your toddler explanations

When your child is demanding to have his way or for something he shouldn't have. Explain the situation to him and give reasons as to why he cannot do it or have it his way. This way he will also learn what's right and wrong. 

Provide your toddler with choices

To give your child a sense of control in a healthy manner, you should give him choices. For example, would you like to wear a blue or a green sweater? Would you like to eat bananas or apples? 

Take away privileges when he's out of hand

Has he thrown a tantrum, being extra demanding, or not playing nice with others? Take away his favorite toy and explain why you're doing it. Also, tell him that he will get it back once he shows that he is being good. When tantrums get out of hand, you can also have a naughty corner, in which you make him sit for a few minutes. 

Teach your toddler healthy and good habits

Now, is the time to mold his young mind with good and healthy habits. So, here are some things you should start with:

  • Encourage a healthy diet;
  • Limit screen time (television, phones, Ipads, etc);
  • Buy educational toys that are for his age;
  • Show him how to do some age-appropriate chores such as packing away his toys, folding the laundry, etc.

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How to manage tantrums

Tantrums are something every parent is dealt with. It's never easy but it's something that needs to be faced. It's all part of the parenting process. 

How to deal with tantrums in public

If you're in a store and your child is hitting someone else or being destructive in order to get his way, firstly, you'll need to move him away. Hold him and when he quietens down, explain and tell him that what he is doing is wrong. 

Keep your voice and tone low and calm. However, be assertive at the same time. Then continue with shopping. Ask your child for help such as placing things in the cart, choosing vegetables, etc. 

By yelling, shouting, or crying louder than your child, you'll only make matters worse. So, manage the situation calmly. 

Lastly, don't worry about other people. Most of the time, others are parents too and understand. 

How to deal with tantrums at home

When your child is throwing a tantrum at home, it might be tempting to give in. However, you should not! Stand your ground and show him that it’s not okay to behave in this manner. As mentioned earlier, have a timeout by placing your child in the naughty corner or take away toys. 

Once he's calmed down, then you need to explain why you're doing this. 


You're not alone! Many other parents have or are currently dealing with this terrible two-stage. If you feel like you're not coping with this and you're emotionally and mentally drained, you could benefit from seeking the help of an Online Parenting Coach. A professional will provide you with the best advice and tips. On WikiExpert, you can read through Expert articles and book sessions. 

For those who are dealing with an older child who's still throwing tantrums, professional help is strongly recommended. 

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