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Being a parent is no easy task. Whether you're parenting one child or more, it is still a challenge. Single parenting is even more difficult. Every parent faces their own challenges when it comes to raising their children. 

There's nothing wrong with reaching out for help when you need it. After all, just like every parent, you too want the best for your children. At times, you might feel like a failure and as though you're not doing a good job. Just know that you're not alone. A lot of others feel the same way. 

WikiExpert has several and relevant articles that were written by Experts in the field of parenting and you can read as many as you need. If needed, you can also seek direct help from the authors, the Experts behind the articles.

Here, we have a checklist in which you can get some tips on how to be a good parent. We have invited some of our top professionals to contribute to this list. 

WikiExpert suggestion:

Read this article for excellent parenting tips, Effective 8-Tip Parenting Direction, by Maryam Hameed, an Online Life Coach. 

Your parenting checklist.

Checklist for being good parent


WikiExpert suggestion:

Read this article about parenting survival through the pandemic by Athena Reich, an Online Life Coach.

Don't replace things/presents with your own personal time. Yes, presents do play a role in expressing your love.. but, time given by yourself is the best gift. So, spend some quality time with your kid/s. 

Never compare your child with others or scold them in a social gathering. It demoralizes them, affecting their personality plus a negative attitude towards you. - Maryam Hameed, Online Life Coach. 

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As a parent, lead by example by expressing your emotions in healthy ways such as through journaling, yoga, meditation, etc. 

Give them space to be themselves and honor it.

You should also trust and let them know that you trust them to make wise decisions by listening to their gut instincts.

Teach them a healthy money mindset. Avoiding using phrases such as “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “we’re poor” and “we can’t afford that". - Megan McCarthy, Online Life Coach. 

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Parenthood opens our minds and emotions to the internal dilemma of nature versus nurture.

Clearly, you influence your child’s adult life. Your child’s inherited genetics might control a natural talent for reading, mathematics, ballet, or crime. But, you as the good-parent nurturing your child’s nature will help determine their adulthood success and joy.

The parent’s nature and nurturing ability is already determined by life’s nurturing of his nature, through attachment, parent’s, their parenting, childhood, puberty, adulthood, relationships, emotional maturity, and personal resilience. - George Stack, Online Counselor and Life Coach. 

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If parenting books stress you out, STOP READING THEM. Every child is different and those books are generalizations that may not apply at all to your situation. For example, my son has just now gotten a diagnosis for severe ADHD. I wasted so much time reading blogs, books and theories and feeling like a failure when none of them worked.

My kid is very smart, intense and can be intensely defiant. Nothing that they suggested worked. He was too smart and intense for any of the tools they provided and just too unique. If you are feeling frustrated by the advice out there, please stop and just focus on who your kid is and seek help from someone close to you who knows you and your kid. Also, if you find yourself really struggling, consider there might a special need issue, and you might need another level of support.

While no one wants their kid to have extra hurdles in life, getting a special needs diagnosis can feel like a huge relief. "Ahhhh, it's not me," One may feel. This is a legit challenge and now there's a whole new world of people who will finally understand and really help me! We are all unique in different ways and we can celebrate all diversity, even challenging ones!

Think of things that you can LET GO OF. If you are feeling stressed, make a list (actually or just mentally) of all the things that stress you. For example: 

  1. Getting kids ready in the morning;
  2. Work pressure; 
  3.  Shopping and meal prep; 
  4. Cleaning up the toys; 
  5. Dealing with tantrums etc.

Now, see if there's anything you can get rid of. From this list, I would do more takeout. Take time to figure out some local health take-out or delivery options. Or just decided your kids will eat healthy snacks for dinner. Nothing wrong with pasta, cut up veggies & hard-boiled eggs one night, pizza another, and a sandwich another. Lower the standard. - Athena Reich, Online Life Coach. 

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Find out why the child you conceived was given to you? This answer will take time to develop since the basic purpose of a child is to extend fruitfulness.

In short, ask the Creator for help understanding the purpose of the child, and watch as the child matures to see what is obvious about them.

With the information from above, train the child in the direction of their purpose. The general direction of each person's design will fall in the following broad categories, word smart, logic smart, picture smart, music smart, body smart, nature smart, people smart, self smart. These hints reveal the best way for parents to train their child or children. - James Tibbs, Online Life Coach. 

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We'd like to thank the following Experts for their contribution to this checklist:

Megan McCarthy

Maryam Hameed

George Stack

Athena Reich

James Tibbs


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