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6 Ways a Senior Coach Can Make You More Successful

If you follow a coaching as a customer, you can expect to experience the following benefits!

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In recent years, senior coaches in international companies have become an acquired right. Most business leaders experience working with a coach as positive. Coaching is less common in Belgium and managers and business leaders who want to engage a coach often have an unclear picture of what they can expect from the relationship. When a potential client recently asked me how he would benefit from working with an executive coach, I briefly listed the positive results of leadership coaching.

If you follow a coaching as a customer, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

1. You get a better view of yourself. This sounds simple and is actually very important. Research has shown that most of us have an unclear picture of ourselves. We overestimate ourselves. Your senior coach will help you build skills to see yourself as others perceive you. Accurate self-awareness in leaders is strongly linked to the increased effectiveness and profit of the organization. Employees prefer to follow leaders who have a strong self-image.

2. You develop a better view of others. A senior coach will help you become more accurate in your assessment of others. In the future, you will recognize and support the abilities of your good employees more quickly and let poor performers go faster because you know that they are not getting better than they are. You will gain politically because you more accurately assess someone's ability to influence your career success.

3. You learn to respond in a more effective way. Marshall Goldsmith, arguably the best-known executive coach in the US, wrote a book entitled "What Got You Here Won't Get You There". A senior coach will help you see that your success does not depend on the quality of your own work, but on your ability to inspire and direct others. You will learn the necessary skills, change your mindset and develop new, more useful tools in your "leadership toolkit".

4. You optimize your strengths. A supportive senior coach will help you see and leverage your strengths that you may be underestimating. Maybe you have more talent for coming up with products and services. A coach will help you see the uniqueness and value of all your skills and learn how to use them more effectively for the benefit of yourself, your team and your company / organization.

5. You build more productive relationships. A good senior coach will help you understand the limiting assumptions you make about people who don't look like you. You often attract people who are similar to yourself, in background, race, gender, beliefs or work style. Your coach will provide you with tools to support you in understanding and creating strong and vital working relationships with a wider variety of people and teams.

6. You achieve what you really want to achieve. A senior coach will help you become more clear about your goals and dreams and what you can do to achieve them. A coach wants the best for you but is a neutral third party, unlike your family or your employees. A coach will let you discover when you get in the way of your good intentions. You learn to think differently and use new skills to create the career you really want.

Two important factors play a role in successful coaching: your coach must be a master of the trade and you must be "coachable".

Because coaching has become popular in recent years, many people work as a coach who cannot necessarily support you in the above way. Find a Senior Coach, who you click with and who can offer references.

"There is no comfort in the learning zone. There is no learning in the comfort zone. "

You only benefit from coaching if you dare to recognize that you have to grow and really want to do what it takes to grow. No matter how old you are or where you are in your career, if you want to get the most out of a coach, you have to be prepared to be a beginner in some areas.

In fact, as with any new challenge, working with a coach can be a little scary. But if you are committed and curious, you will discover that your coaching relationship can be a powerful catalyst for you to become the person you most want to be.

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January 12th, 2021

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