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Music and Human Soul

Music is said to be food for soul. Let's see it's authenticity.

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Musicology is a vast subject in itself, carrying variations in notes, chords, keys, genres, instruments and even in lyrics. 

Music has 7 chromatical notes, each with a rest, length and a beat and upon counting the flats and sharps you get 30 keys . There are 4 basic chords, each having a different property. There are 6 genres with sub genres having different type of music with innumerable instruments and songs written for.

Why you need to know all this? 

Starting with notes and keys, everyone has different type of routine and style to carry things. These notes and keys teach us about the highs and lows of life. And, tell us when to get sharp, flat, rest,wait(length) or be motivated (beat); keeping your own style and routine.

Chords shape your music in a better way, it supports your melody. In humans, we have our in built nature to shape us along with attributes and adaptions we take which supports our melody of life to work better.

Adding to that every instrument, every genre or lyrics chooses it's own listener. How? By personality.

What this all above text means is that, the type of music you hear reflects you, your situation, memories, actions and the type of person you are... 

And that all is connected directly to your soul. How?  Your soul reflects you so feed your soul with positivity, even when it comes to music. 

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