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How to make an Opportunity work for you?

What to do if you find no opportunity or if it knocks your door?

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"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."

Do you think you will find a possible opportunity for yourself by just driving along a straight road? No, it won't...

It's quite rare that an opportunity knocks at your door by itself. And that it is there for you without finding it. But, would that be helping you, if you are not ready to go for it? No, it won't...

In both cases, you lost what might have been turned out best for you! 

We all want good opportunities for ourselves in our related fields, and for that we have to be there to show up for it, work for it and even believing in it and in our idea, confidently enough that it "Will Work".

So, next time if opportunity walks through that window, don't just see it, get your hands on it. And if it doesn't comes to you, Fine one! Create your own opportunity by your own self and without fears and thinking about failure, step into it. It may be just another opportunity to learn...

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