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Words Matter

How much your words matter?

Maryam Hameed

Life Coach

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We all live in a virtual world today. We talk through texts, we show our emotions through posting on social media and moreover, we see each other through a screen.

In short, virtual world is the new social world. Yet, we question the authenticity of getting coached online or talking to a friend through a chat. And we ask, "what difference does it make, if we talk out on someone online?" 

To be honest, it does make a difference. No matter what, wether you speak or write... your words matter. 

A negative vibed text can have more negative impact than a negative word spoken physically. Why? As, you are not seeing the person right infront of you, so many assumptions can break in your mind.

Same is the case with positive ones, they might save a life or may bring out a positive change in someone's life.

So if next time someone wants to talk through, listen to them, and text them accordingly. You do it today, someone elss will be kind to you tomorrow. 

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