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Intended Living

Intention is important. Know how?

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Have you ever wondered, why and when your life turns into a chaos? 

There's a slight misconception about it. We think, it's our problems. Yes, somehow it is. 

But, ask yourself... 

Why you got into that certain trouble? 

Take a short RECAP!


Did you find anything? If no, let me ask you another question... Did you have any planned moves? Or was everything going unplanned or unworked? 


Life never totally works according to the plans we make, but... Making plans and then working on them put us in a satisfaction that at least, "I Tried". 


That "Trying hard concept" shows what your intentions are, overall effecting your actions. 


Life is all about being intentional. The purer your intentions are, the more things get less chaotic for you. If you feel life has made you busy or things seems stumbling, give yourself time to remind you... Who you are? 



Make a slot in your busy day, slow down other things and just listen to your breath. And, tell yourself... You have everything you need at the moment you are in. You are supposed to feel the joy and the freedom. Make those hours worthwhile, by how you treat yourself. Live that moment in a way that brings happiness to you. Plan accordingly. Give your best and then relax. That's all you need to do, and to worry about.


Be intentional about yourself and others, about your happiness and joy. Intent to stay positive and happy, even if things get upside down for a while. Life will get easier for you!

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