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7 Must-Leave Toxic Habits

Give your life a positive turn by leaving these toxic habits.

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What does happen to the food that gets fungus? It gets toxic, right? Same can happen to your life, if you don't leave these toxic habits... 

1.Self Pity won't help you to gain attention of others. It's just another way to look down upon yourself. Replace it with self love. 

2.Are???Are you complexed? If it's inferiority, then don't compare yourself with others. And if superiority, don't forget that time changes everything. 

3.Identity crisis is quite common. Stop questioning who you are and why you are here? Everyone has a purpose, find yours and work for that.

4.Don't dwell in your past. What's gone is gone. Pay attention to the present.

??????5.Stop on giving advices you don't follow. People might stop listening to you. Start acting before that happens. 

6.Hypocrisy ruins many things. Never do that, it's like betraying yourself and loosing your trustworthiness.

7. Expectations hurt you. Don't expect anything from anyone. If you want to do good, do it without expecting that you may get same in return.


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