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Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Know when you are in Postpartum depression and how to get through it...

Maryam Hameed

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When it comes to mommy-hood, things get a bit tougher. I am not saying it becuase of the unusual routine and stuff related to the newborn child. Actually, being involved in your baby's activities is a healthy thing to do; as it keeps the "mom" busy plus the mommy-baby bonding strenghthens. What actually wrong is, that many woman face that famous "Postpartum Depression/Stress".

I always say, catch the problem from the start. So, for that it's quite important to know how to figure it out that you are facing this sort of mental health distortion. Let me enlist you on the ,HOW?

1. Notice your sleeping patterns, sleeping too much or too less is not good.

2. Focus on your eating habbits.

3. Are you getting irritated on small stuff?

4. Do you prefer solitude? having negative thoughts?

5. Others may go like mood swings, anxiety, feeling worthless or forgetting things.

The purpose of telling you about all above leads to the next question... 

How to deal with it? That means start working on the Remedy.

Start by keeping yourself busy in connecting with your baby, or any activity that makes you feel better. Indulge in your favourite hobbies. Communicate with your family and try talking on how you feel emotionally. If that doesn't work,'meditate' along with some basic postpartum daily workouts or exercises.

If you find yourself being lazy to do above things, try making your eating habbits better. Eating better makes you sleep and feel better. That's when you should get a Good Nutrionist. 

Suppose that doesn't work for you. that indicates that you need a Therapy. Get a good counsellar, a coach or a psychologist, who can help you deal with it by hearing you out and telling you on how to increase your own will power and ways to stay motivated during such illness.

The Psychiatrist Alarm rings, when nothing above works for you. That means "medication", which is, again and as I always say the last resort to fight your depression/anxiety. 

Try, try and try harder to get back to your toes on your own by being and staying strong. Keep holding yourself together. Let's nip the evil in the bud.



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