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Change your life with this practice

Struggling with morning motivation? Then read and apply. In one hour you can change your whole day!

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Are you in need of a boost?

Would you like to feel enthusiastic about each new day?

A lot of people struggle to get going in the morning, many of us awaken feeling negative and don't realise that we can shape how we feel with just a few simple techniques.

These simple techniques will not only help you to feel better but also effectively contribute to your happiness, your productivity and even your relationships.

My hope is to give you a fresh and positive perspective where there may have previously been a negative one.

By spending just one hour of your time each day (it has more effect first thing in the morning) focusing on how you want the day to be and what kind of attitude you are going to have throughout it, will reflect on what kind of day you have.

Most of us experience good days and bad days and know which we prefer the most. And maybe some of us are aware that we can influence how our day pans out by doing certain things. But I would say that a high percentage of people aren't really aware of how much we can actively affect how our day goes, just by our attitude.

I mean we have all heard the phrase and probably been asked the question ”Is my glass half full or half empty?” And we may have even answered in a cheery tone "Half full, of course”, especially if we have had a good day. But do we really believe it? Do we really feel it? I mean are we actually aware of the level of negativity or positivity that is going on in our head from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed? Is it more positive or more negative? And did you know that whichever one is predominant will have a significant impact on how we react, experience and feel every minute of the day?

Let’s say you wake up in the morning to the alarm clock, now I know I personally could do without the shrillness of the little black box on the bedside table. But you know what? Love it or hate it, when that box wakes you, what you do afterwards is the start of setting the mood for your day.  Yes, you might want to spend a little more time in bed, snuggled under the duvet and you might not, but your reaction is worth some attention and it may take a little while to adjust to being consciously aware of how you feel, but believe me, it will be worth it!

So next time the alarm clock goes off and you are tempted to curse at it or snooze, try this!

Say to yourself, Wow! Today is a whole new day, yesterday has gone and there is nothing more I can do about what happened, good or bad. But I have control over how I am going to experience today. I can see the positive things and be thankful, I can draw on the beauty of the outside world and feel grateful that such blessings are freely available to me in abundance. I can indulge myself in the feelings of love and connection I have with friends and family and feel fortunate that every day brings me into contact with new and different people with whom I can develop friendships and learn from.

In being grateful, new opportunities from different sources will then arise and if you are aware of how they show themselves, you will be in a great position to improve your life and work towards achieving your dreams!

As you say these things to yourself, you are setting your intentions for the day and reminding yourself that even when things seem to go wrong, a different perspective sheds a different light. It is also a chance to feel more accepting that life will often throw challenges at you, but you can control how you feel about them and how you let them affect you.

I mean how many times have you wanted something so badly and when it hasn't occurred you have allowed yourself to become down-trodden and disheartened thinking that something hasn’t worked out for you? And then gone into self-pity and feelings of un-worthiness, under valuing yourself, even sinking into depression, affecting your whole day and making you feel awful about everything that happens in it. When you could have just said to yourself '"Ok, for whatever reason that didn’t work out, maybe it's not the right time for it to happen or maybe something better is going to happen. By choosing to react in a different way you are more in control of your emotions.

Always remember negativity is as available as positivity.

All it takes is commitment to yourself and your happiness, your ability to be grateful and to raise your chances of achieving.

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