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The resilient person transcends this current situation, they are so much more!

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Following last weeks’ blog on Adaptability I was asked about my views on Resilience and it would be quite straightforward to devote this blog to coping strategies within the confines and restrictions of the pandemic but actually the resilient person transcends this current situation, they are so much more!

When I think about resilience, Nelson Mandela is one of the first people that comes to mind. One of the many things that he can teach us is the extent to which a resilient mindset can turn setbacks into opportunities.

As he once said ‘Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.’

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that we all have to be in possession of Mandela’s resilience and thankfully few of us will ever be tested in the way that he was.

It’s all relative.

But for me resilience and mindset are inseparable.

When you have a ‘growth’ or ‘positive’ mindset you confront challenges and adversity and look at how you can do better. You don’t blame others or circumstances or environment for where you are at.

In researching the subject of Resilience, Diane Coutu (former Senior Editor at HBR) concluded that ‘resilient people’ all demonstrated the following three qualities;

A staunch acceptance of reality – you accept your current reality for what it is.

A deep belief that life is meaningful – you know that life has meaning and that helps you look beyond whatever is in front of you.

An uncanny ability to improvise – you don’t give up on life, you get creative in finding ways to improve or cope with your situation.

She summarised that ‘You can bounce back from hardship with just one or two of these qualities, but you will only be truly resilient with all three.’

When I look through LinkedIn it’s sad to read about former colleagues out of work due to the impact of the pandemic but equally encouraging to see others moving on to bigger and better things.

What makes the difference?

It reminds me of a story about Joe Torre ex-Manager at the New York Yankees.

‘Getting fired (losing your job) is never good. I remembered the time I was fired after my second job and I was pretty low, and my wife said “How are you going to be remembered?” and I said “Maybe as the guy who failed to live his dreams” and she said “Why – are you dead?”

The reality is that the only time that you are unable to move forward, improve your situation, strive for greater things is, when you are dead.

Until then…

The people who are successful, who bounce back, who recover from hardship and adversity, they are resilient, they’ve learned how to deal with setbacks.

They get on with it!

They never lose sight of their goal, they ‘roll with the punches’.

Resilience demonstrates a strong mindset it’s a skill and a capacity to be strong under adverse conditions of great stress and change.

You think like a winner – even if you did not win, you learn from the experience, and take the positives from the experience.

When in Downing Street Alastair Campbell used to keep a postcard in his pocket listing 10 little acronyms, the seventh of which was GGOOB – get good out of bad!

And we’re back to mindset!

Your mindset will determine your response to failure or adversity. Is it something that you face, deal with and learn from or is it something that nags away at you for the rest of your life?

It is possible to change your mindset.

It is possible to build resilience and be resilient!

Why not follow the link and book a free Strategy Call and start building your resilience right now?


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