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Surprising Reasons to Stop Being Your Own Boss

“I am my own boss” The self-confident it sounds, the harmful this sentence is.

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Surprising Reasons to Stop Being Your Own Boss

For many, one of the main motivations for becoming an entrepreneur is to get rid of the management and regain the control over their professional lives. Even though the corporate world can offer a plenty of good opportunities and a high level of social and financial security, it often gets a golden cage for people with various talents. “I am my own boss” – say those, who manage to escape the helter-skelter of calls, meetings and project evaluation session. The self-confident it sounds, the harmful this sentence is. Let us to present a few good reasons to get rid of this common place.

The employee mind-set

We spend at least a good quarter of our lives in a position where we are told what to do and where the rules are quite straightforward and foreseeable. As students, trainees and interns we see an environment which is not too difficult to adopt to. As employees, the rules are requirements are well set again, and this has a plenty of advantages. In case the management is in its place, the tasks are already clear and transparent, goals are set, and what is left is more than often only prioritization or minor optimization, most commonly only because the leadership want the workers to feel a bit of control over the job.

Those, who exit their workplaces, find themselves in a completely different situation in their own enterprise. Sometimes, there are very hard decision to make based on very little experience and too few data. Apart from the actual work to be carried out in order to deliver some kind of a product, there is a lot of organization to do. These seemingly unproductive processes can be really stressful when there is a time pressure to sell more. In a corporate environment being overloaded with tasks is possible to be reported to the management. However, in your business you are the manager and if you cannot get rid of the employee mind-set, this is the point where you entered into the circle of self-blame, stress and burn-out.

Be the leader you want to have

“Being your boss” is a self-realizing prediction as it projects that you are still someone who requires a leader and needs to be told what to do. However, in your own business you cannot be a producer or a doer, since what your business demands the most is a leader and a manager. Instead of being you own boss, you should rather say “I am the boss I want to have”.

Even this little play with the words can put a huge amount of weight from your shoulder, since you can stop worrying about the actual production. If you can incorporate a “boss” mindset instead of the employee one, you can see yourself and your productivity from a different perspective. Instead of being a worker, trying to keep up with the deadlines and struggle with fatigue, you can consider yourself as your own human resource and see your own performance from above. Instead of blaming yourself for not being productive enough, you can start thinking on how to manage and utilize your given performance the best. Instead of desperately trying to produce more, you can focus on optimizing your processes and create yourself the best possible environment to work in.

You are not alone

Moving from employee to a leader is not a one-step process. Even though today’s world of work requires an entrepreneur mindset form basically anyone, leading a company cannot be compared to the work of a team leader. This kind of role requires a mental and technical skillset which can only be gained in practice. This requires time and huge efforts.

Do not expect yourself to turn into a perfect leader from one day to another, and do not think that your are alone with the tasks. Feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overstressed, do not hesitate to ask for help. Consultation, ventilation and coaching can all be very useful during the process. Do not hesitate to ask for help and assistance – this is not weakness, it is a way of saving time and very important reasources.


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