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Manifesting Money Using The Law Of Attraction

Is the universe with me? Is there something I could be doing differently in order to be better at manifesting money

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It was a fantastic date, and you couldn’t possibly be more excited at what the future may hold with this new individual as a part of it.

The food was delicious, the wine immaculate, and now all that remains before the rest of this beautiful night is to pay the bill.

Then, your card is declined.

Chances are high that we’ve all been here before, as we frantically begin to realize we should probably be exerting more energy into manifesting money.

I mean, life with more money sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

You work hard, and pay your bills on time. 

There’s food in the fridge and the debt is minimal.

Yet, there just never seems to be enough.

Your friends tell you the universe is with you, to just have faith and everything will be okay.

And you generally agree with them, as you maintain a positive outlook on life. But still, manifesting money into your reality doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult.

“If the universe was with me, I’d have what I need,” you think.

Then your thoughts begin to wander.

Is the universe with me? Is there something I could be doing differently in order to be better at manifesting money into my life?

We’ve all been here before, and although these questions may seem tormentingly deep, it is precisely these moments of chaotic inquisition that will bring about some of our lives' greatest revelations.

It is our pursuit of these answers which leaves us feeling empowered and striving for more, and as such, this is a moment of ‘concern’ we should be actively embracing.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Attract Money?

In regards to the concept of manifesting money, well, an active application of the law of attraction is certainly a great place to start.

The Law of Attraction in its simplest explanation maintains that your reality will find itself inevitably composed of that which you have chosen to focus on.

So how does the law of attraction attract money?

It’s simple, focus on the abundance of money already in your life, and you will thus find an abundance of money in your life.

Which okay at face value might sound a little redundant and oversimplified.

But try to think about it like this — dwell on the fact that you are broke, and you shall remain broke. Focus instead on how wealthy you could easily become, how wealthy you already are, and you will find wealth in every corner of your life.

Manifesting money is an art form and one entirely contingent upon a consistently maintained focus on the abundance which is already a part of your life.

The law of attraction attracts what you focus on, so if you want to attract the money you need to focus on money, and not on an absence of it.

Expanding upon this notion, certainly, there exist a plethora of techniques that one can use to fully embody this law of attraction.

However, in our pursuit of manifesting money, we need only focus on a few.

1. Face Your Reality

First and foremost, allow yourself to come to terms with your current reality.

Do your best here to really allow this to sink in — You can never get to where you want to be, without first assuming ownership of where you currently are, financially or otherwise.

How much money do you actually earn? How much is required for your basic monthly bills?

With what is left over, are you properly prioritizing and planning ahead?

Although frivolously spending here and there, and going out on the weekends or for lunch every day at work may seem necessary, rest assured it is not.

Establish your goals and save for these first.

Even if it’s only R40 or R50 per week. That class you’ve been wanting to take, or trip you’ve been dreaming of, will never actually happen so long as that cheesesteak and fries every Wednesday are more important.

Which takes us right into our next focal point, keep track of where your money goes.

2. Track Your Spending

Remember those deeper and more tormenting questions that I mentioned above?

Well, here’s another one: Are we sure that we are spending our money on the things that we actually need?

Track your spending for a week or even a month. Isolate where the bulk of it disappears to, and honestly ask yourself if you are spending your money as wisely as you could be.

If manifesting money, is your desire for more, really such a necessary thing to be focusing on?

Or do you perhaps have more than enough, and just happen to be currently letting it slip away towards meaningless endeavours?

Invest in yourself, in your passions, and your goals. If this is where your focus lies, then your money is certainly being spent wisely.

If you focus on yourself, and what it is that you intend to accomplish, then your money will naturally be spent in this direction. Which will inherently enhance the self, consequently manifesting an abundance of joy, and yes, more money.

3. Focus On Abundance and You Will Receive Abundance

Money jar

We’ll come back to this one over and over — Focus on abundance and you shall receive abundance.

Again, the greatest application of the law of attraction in this pursuit of manifesting money, is to simply, and regularly, think about having more money, living in a beautiful home driving your dream car.

If one of your primary focuses in life is to have more money, then you will naturally do all that you can to ensure this reality. Saving will be easier, new opportunities for earning will present themselves more frequently, and your natural gratitude for the abundance of money already in your life will flow effortlessly.

“But how?”, you ask. “Surely manifesting money must require some kind of physical act?”

Technically, your not wrong, action is required.

But perhaps you should not necessarily be asking us these questions, and instead, be reflecting inward.

Perhaps, you should be asking the universe itself.

How Do I Ask The Universe For Money?

“Okay, how do I ask the universe for money?”


Well, asking the universe for money is quite straightforward actually, although in context it may seem a bit odd.

Let me explain.

When asking the universe for money what you need to do is be very clear on what type of money it is that you want. How much? Where is it coming from? Why do you need it?

Within the framework of answering these questions, you must also develop a well-structured plan of action. What are you going to give back to the universe, in exchange for such financial freedom?

Then, you must write it all down. The old school way, with pen and paper.

Or perhaps, take it a step further and create yourself an overlying vision board.

Either way, get it all out of your head.

What comes next here is where things will get a bit odd.

You must come to truly accept the idea that despite all your efforts, the universe may still never honor you with this money. And upon this acceptance, you must also nonetheless complete your plan of action.

Because the truth is, you can ask all you want, but money is honestly never going to just magically appear in your life.

Short of winning the lotto, which arguably still requires a reasonable amount of effort.

Money Is Everywhere

In these moments of financial doubt and despair, what we should be doing instead of concerning ourselves with so much worry, is again, reflecting our energy inward.

We should be asking ourselves these deeper and more tormenting questions which we all so readily embrace avoiding.

Ultimately, we must realize that the key to a better life here, the means of becoming better at manifesting money, lies in a complete reconstruction of our current value systems.

More so than anything else, we must ensure that we are actually, and actively, in pursuit of our deepest and truest passions.

Because when we are, then surely, more than enough money will follow.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Manifesting money is honestly a rather simple process. You just have to focus on yourself,     where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. Let the rest go, and the money will present itself.

I know you want to create YOUR dream life - that one you think about day and night. 

A life where you get to show up each day as YOU get paid for your worth and create a powerful business and life that you’re wildly in love with.

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