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Twin Flame Telepathy

In short, it’s telepathic communication between two twin flames.

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What is it? 

In short, it’s telepathic communication between two twin flames. It can take many different forms (which we’ll get into later on) but it’s a form of mental communication between mirror souls that adapts throughout the journey.

  • It exists before the two of you ever physically meet in the 2D. A form of communication guiding you both together between lifetimes. Usually entirely subconscious except for rarer instances where one twin is aware enough of the meeting before even meeting.
  • It adapts after meeting to guide both twin souls during difficult separation phases.  We’re going to really dive into the telepathic connection during this because it’s the main thing I’m asked about but the main purpose during this phase is to keep both twins on track toward union.
  • It adapts once again after the relationship develops into a true twin flame union. This is usually the stage you hear about when twins are able to communicate telepathically and hear each other’s thoughts.

We’re all made up of energy but we all vibrate at different levels. These levels don’t really change often and they can define who we are and (more importantly here) who we get on with. Twin flame telepathy begins long before you ever physically even meet but it isn’t until you start actively working on your journey that you consciously notice the signs which become more and more obvious as your journey continues.

I’ve spoken before about the difference in twin flames, soulmates and karmic twins and that largely depends on energy but when you’re both vibrating on the same frequency such as a twin flame connection it leads to a certain level of connection you won’t see otherwise – such as telepathy in this instance. 

Experiencing the Telepathy: The Hollywood vs the Reality

Before we get too much into what twin flames telepathy is and how you can use it it’s really important you understand what it is not.

I’m not one to focus on the negatives but the twin flame connection is rare and union in a single lifetime is never guaranteed. I don’t like to see people setting themselves back because they’re judging they’re own journey based on something they’ve heard.

I’ve seen social media stuffed full of claims of telepathic communication between them and their twin. It’s a lot more subtle than this would lead you to believe.

For example:

The Hollywood version: “Oh. My twin wants me to pick up milk on the way home.”

The actual version: An intense wave of euphoria out of nowhere. You might have been sorting your sock drawer but your twin got some amazing news and their immediate subconscious connection was to share it with you telepathically.

Please note: I describe it as the ‘Hollywood’ version but I have seen instances of more overt communication between twin flames. But twin flame telepathy actually happens constantly and it’s a lot more subtle than the Hollywood version.

The more you’re able to spot the signs, the more you can use this telepathic connection to help guide you toward your next step with your mirror soul.

I constantly hear stories of this twin flame connection and I really do believe it’s one of the strongest tools we have – especially during difficult periods of separation. In order to make use of it though we need to understand that it presents in more subtle ways than explicit words popping into our head (mostly).

How Does Telepathy Work With Twin Flames?

The same energy which links two parts of the same soul together and pulls them toward each other constantly shares energy each way. As you’ll see in a moment when we look at some telepathy stories this kind of spiritual communication doesn’t care about physical distance.

It also doesn’t always care about what or when we want to share – this communication with your twin often runs entirely on autopilot.

How Do You Send Telepathic Messages to Your Twin Flame?

Generally speaking (because, again, your journey might differ) you don’t get a whole lot of direct control over this communication until much, much later on and by that stage, you don’t need anyone to explain it to you.

It happens on a very subconscious level where you don’t really have to do anything specific. It’s something that will happen naturally and you don’t need to actively pursue it. If you’re following your journey and doing everything you can to make sure you’re traveling with a true twin flame on the right journey then it’s going to happen. There are some things we can do to make it more noticeable though.

Keep in mind that this unspoken connection is going to grow over time as your journey continues. At the hight of a truly brutal separation stage when everything can seem at it’s worst is when your telepathic ability might at an all-time high. This is usually a strong indicator of a twin flame reunion when your subconscious connection starts to be more apparent.

Calling Out for Them to Contact You

One common trend I do see during separation stages is both the runner and chaser calling out to the other. Not to share emotions or anything specific. Just the yearning of love for the other soul.

Often this represents itself the same way and I see this time and time again.

One twin will have a random desire to contact the other. Often they won’t understand where this feeling came from and they’ll reach out because they ‘felt like they should’. In earlier stages, they’ll likely not understand why they felt that way. Often trying to rationalize it in a way that fits into their understanding of the world.

Later on, they’ll be aware enough to just know you wanted to talk to them.

Shared Emotions Through Twin Flame Telepathy

During a separation stage is when this energy and connection is perhaps the most useful to your relationship.

It’s not something either of you will intentionally control but the bond between you is constantly sharing your feelings and emotions. The closer you are towards union or the more intense the emotion – the more noticeable the feeling will be.

We’ve covered some pretty specific questions on this type of emotion sharing before like:

Can your win flame feel your emotions?

How do I know my twin flame is thinking of me?

It’s not something you’ll be able (or need) to control. If you’re experiencing something intense your twin flame is too. Some of the stories I’ll share with you in a moment are good examples of this kind of emotional link.

But here’s the problem.

Depending on where you and your twin are in the journey it might not be as obvious to them as it is to you.

If you’re here and reading this then (like most of my readers) you’re probably the more spiritually advanced twin and likely the chaser more often than not. The runner twin is going to experience these intense feelings as your emotions are shared through this telepathic connection but they’re not going to understand where this energy comes from.

Often we think it’s harder for the chaser. You might feel the pain and anguish during difficult stages and your heart will bleed for them but they’ll experience the same feeling when you share your emotions through this connection and they’ll maybe not understand where it’s coming from. 

Twin Flame Telepathy Stories

‘You’re in work, sat at your desk, when all of a sudden you feel a blinding pain in your arm. It’s enough to make you react and wonder what the hell is going on. It only lasts for a few moments before the pain disappears, but the memory remains. You have no idea what happened to cause it. A little while later, you get a call from your twin flame letting you know they’ve been in an accident and broken their arm. The same arm you felt the pain in…’

I’ve heard thousands of twin flame stories from people at various stages of the journey, the telepathic energy presents in so many different ways constantly throughout the day. The truth is that most of them just go entirely over our heads but present in event small ways and show signs your twin flame is thinking about you or experiencing intense emotions.

Actually “hearing” the inner thoughts of my twin flame while he was right next to me (no, not all the time, but a few times) & actually not realizing that it was “weird” or unusual while it was happening. It felt natural. In retrospect, I can see, wow, that is very unusual.

A visual image telling me where twin flame is and what he wants. (Again, this has not happened often), but this was confirmed as totally unexplainable telepathic knowledge.

A shift in my mind out of nowhere where I start thinking loving thoughts about them, almost like my mind has been suddenly “saturated” with thoughts of him, and its also like a pull. This has happened many times.

When the twin flame realizes the telepathy and attempts to intentionally reach you telepathically, that can get real weird… I’ve gotten out of nowhere almost a jolting feeling combined with a visual image of a glass window being opened and he is behind it, and a feeling of absolute certainty he is contacting me to the point where my eyes open wide and its like a jolting feeling. And yes, I realize this sounds insane, but I assure you it is true.

I’ve seen so, so many examples and patterns of this telepathic connection twin souls share. No matter how many of these stories I share with you today it’s never going to line up exactly with your own mirror soul.

We can cover some of the more common examples of twin souls communicating in more subtle ways. This is the kind of thing you’ll notice more and more as you continue on your path.

Sharing Dreams and Astral Projection

Another very common story we hear is dream-sharing between twins or them running into each other in the astral plane. Most of us shift into the astral without meaning to while falling asleep. Some of us practice specifically to be able to do so. A strong sign of this telepathic connection is when flames run into each other without intentionally planning to.

When the distance between two flames grows for any reason we start to see an increase in dream sharing.

This can mean anything from them dreaming of each other at different times or having the exact same dream. Most of the time neither twin will remember so this goes largely unnoticed unless you’re able to both keep a dream journal.

Conversations had during this type of connection are usually at the most vivid. Both twins are likely to talk candidly about the journey no matter what stage you’re in. The runner is likely to explain exactly how they’re feeling and this can be a huge tool in getting past this stage. At later stages, you’re still likely to keep having this experience and no topic is ever out of bounds.

This is one of the most freeing types of conversation you’re ever likely to have – and you won’t experience it with anyone but your true twin flame.

Signs of Telepathic Communication in Twin Flames

1. Dream sharing. We’ve already been over this more common example but keeping a dream log and/or practicing astral projection can help further your ability. Most of us never remember our dreams or consciously astral project but the more you do it – the more active control you’ll get over this telepathic communication.

2. Communicating at the same time. This is most commonly noticeable these days through your phone or social media. If you both contact each other at the same time or come online at the same time this is a strong sign you’re reaching out to each other.

3. Sharing the same thoughts are feelings. This is a common theme in any twin flame connection but these thoughts are often communicated telepathically. The more it happens – the stronger that communication has become.

Remember (I say this often but only because it’s important) no two journeys are ever going to be 100% alike so these signs can vary. These are just the more common ones you should start to look out for – you’ll soon start spotting more synchronicities between the two of you for yourself. These individual connections are what you should really be on the lookout for.

The Potential Problems with Twin Flame Telepathy

Don’t worry, I’m not about to end the post here (we have a lot more to cover still) but I feel it’s important to take a moment here and discuss the pitfalls. I’ve just seen it happen far too often to not at least mention.

I think it’s summed up best in this line – ‘Don’t replace the lack of 3D reality with a fantasy 5D’. It’s important to understand the entire journey and, to some degree, telepathic messages are a part of that (although I’m going to talk about why I don’t think you need to worry about them too much).

But the most important thing is not giving up on the concept of physical contact with your twin flame. Hiding away in your imagination is so not the answer. In your mind, a twin flame runner might be ready and waiting but my goal here is to help you through the twin flame journey in reality.

Understanding this communication method is key to moving through stages but it can’t be all you use.

Further Guidance on Your Journey

It’s hard to talk about specifics when the journey varies so wildly for everyone. If you’d like some more specific guidance on your path ahead, I would love to hear from you.

Sending you love and light on your twin flame journey...

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