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What is life coaching and how does it differ?

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To answer the question 'What is Life Coaching' it may be helpful to explain how it differs...

Life coaching is different

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Interventions aim to help people overcome past traumas and events that require healing before the future can be faced with confidence.

What is life coaching and how does it differ?

Life coaching is specifically aimed at functioning, mentally well people who want to achieve more from their lives by accepting that the present is what it is and that the past does not have to dictate the future.

Mentoring is a process in which wiser and more experienced people look to impart their knowledge to younger people or apprentices who want to be guided to advance in their lives or careers.

Life coaches do not look to share their experience, give advice or offer solutions. They look to use their training to help their clients come to realisations about themselves and to embrace their own inner power and capability to achieve their goals and dreams.

Consulting is a process by which experts with specialist knowledge and skills will design solutions to problems or challenges faced by their clients.

Life coaches know that their clients are the only true experts when it comes to their own lives. Life coaches will work with their clients to help them design and execute their own solutions to their problems and challenges. Life coaches are facilitators of change.


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