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Could your low self worth be affecting your net worth?

Oddly enough, whether you perceive yourself as worthy or not can affect your net worth.

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Oddly enough, whether you perceive yourself as worthy or not can affect your net worth. According to the dictionary, self worth means the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. On the other hand, net worth refers to your net economic balance, which is derived from the value of all your assets minus the value of your liabilities.

“When your self worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.”- Mark Victor Hansen

“Self worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” Wayne Dyer

With self worth, you undergo an internal appraisal process whereby you assess whether you are “good enough” or “deserving”. From my understanding, self-worth is based on values. If you are not living up to the values that you hold dear, the esteem that you hold for yourself drops. When this happens, you will find it to project yourself confidently; thus impacting your ability to shine on the outside.

Consequence of Low Self Worth

Feel Lousy About Yourself

Problem arises when you use “money” as the value or yardstick as a measure of self-worth. You deem yourself not good enough solely because your cash balance or your ability to make an income is low.

In addition, driven by the fears of your ego, you cannot help but compare yourself to your friends. Invariably, you feel lousy about yourself; you wonder why manifesting what they want is so easy for them. You label yourself as a failure for not attaining financial success. Needless to say, a lack in confidence can prevent you from clinching that sale or making a business breakthrough.

Not Open to Receiving

Unfortunately, a low sense of self worth makes you a poor receiver. As a poor receiver, you are not aligned with universal abundance (which rests on the giving-receiving circuit of energy exchange). And guess what? You become closed to what the Universe has to offer to you.

Think of it this way. The Universe may already be sending tons of resources, ideas and connections your way; but vibrationally, you are saying “no” to these because you believe that you are not worthy. And it is the resources, ideas and connections that can potentially lead you to building net worth. However, since you are not open to receiving these, the Universe may just send them over to your friends (or enemies) – who are open to receiving – instead!

Unable to Charge what You Are Truly Worth

Low self-worth can have an impact if you provide any form of service. With low self-worth, you are not able to charge what you are worth. You simply cannot do it. Thus, you charge a price that is below the market, despite the ton of value that you provide. You end up with an energy leakage and possibly feeling resentful about yourself and your situation. Your self worth reduces with every anger spear that you hurl at yourself.

Struggle Less by Overcoming Low Self Worth

From a soul perspective, you may have incarnated for the purpose of learning about deeming yourself as worthy and deserving. Thus, it can involve a series of unfolding events that allows you to grow into healthy self-worth and esteem. Of course, a quantum leap in consciousness can magically happen quickly too.

Since everything is energy, you can work at shifting how you perceive yourself to boost your magnetic vibrational quality. The greater your ability to perceive yourself as worthy, your ability to attract outcomes that affirm your internal state rises. Like vibrations attract. This principle is The Universal Law of Attraction.

You may not need to have an extremely high sense of self worth for financial abundance. In fact, I have observed that not all my wealthy friends deem themselves as completely worthy. However, what is clear is that when you have a healthy sense of self worth, you will be in much less struggle. You are lugging less mental weight around whilst you are pursuing your dreams of abundance.

Most certainly, work on raising any sense of low self worth for increasing your net worth!

Love and Abundance Always,


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