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When The Law of Attraction Is Not Working

Does it feel like the Universe isn't listening? You're not alone... try this right now.

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How I manifested my way to abundance even while I was barely making ends meet.

We’ve all found ourselves tired, grumpy, hormonal, upset and unsettled at various times in our lives. The truth is that it’s totally normal and human for things to not be all peachy-keen 100% of the time.

You’re ALLOWED to have a bad day.

Here are a few things that I like to do when I identify that my emotions are running a little haywire and bonkers.

1. Meditate and chant

Take 10 minutes and sit down and quiet your mind. I like to chant sometimes, especially the Mool Mantra.

If you're unsure about mantras and chanting I would highly suggest you check out the work of Snatam Kaur. It's so beautiful, calming and soothing.

2. Drink more water

Your body needs hydration in order to function properly. Sometimes not drinking enough water can mess with your emotional balance. Make sure you drink at least 7 glasses per day.

3. Breathe

Take a deep breath. Sometimes we forget that oxygen is our life force. The more we inhale in clear air, the more our cells respond with vibrant health. Breathe.

4. Get some sunshine

Most people are Vitamin D deficient and sunshine has all of the rays of happiness you need to release joyful chemicals in your brain that lift your mood, make you sleep better and also feel a harmonious sense of well-being. Go and sit in the sunshine for at least 5 minutes per day.

5. Declutter

Taking some time to organize your stuff can be really liberating. By taking time to de-clutter you can actually increase your manifesting power and raise your vibration. Start by cleaning out your closet and see how you feel. It's a great way to welcome new energy into your reality by getting rid of the old and making way for the new.

6. Unplug

In the grip of a nasty social media addiction? Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can be all-consuming at times where we're literally absorbing so much information that we don't always need in our brains. Commit to a full day where you unplug and don't log in to Facebook or check your phone. See if you can do it. I DARE YOU.

7. Drink chai

Chai is a very calming concoction of spices that have the same power as taking a chill pill. Boil up some non-dairy milk, add the chai and add honey. Sip slowly and unwind. If chai isn't your thing then I would highly recommend red wine. The best thing to do is avoid stimulants like coffee. They'll give you a massive crash after the initial high, which is what you want to avoid.

8. Connect with nature

Go for a walk and connect to the beauty of the world around you. This is the best way to get out of your head and into your heart. Take a moment to look at the trees, the grass, the flowers, the clouds, the sky, the birds, and wildlife around you and connect with it. Breathe in the beauty of all life.

9. Make a gratitude list

Try and make this your daily practice if you can. By cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude' you train your vibration to be lighter and expect positive things to flow your way. Gratitude is a the secret sauce of the manifesting process. Buy yourself a beautiful journal and make lists of things to appreciate. I promise it will change your life and your outlook forever.

10. Move your body

Tony Robbins says that: “physiology changes psychology” so in order to shift your mood and raise your vibration then move your body. Even if you just turned on some music for 10 minutes and jumped around then you would notice the difference. Sitting around on your bum all day is a guaranteed way to wallow in emotional misery. Make it your goal to get at least 10,000 steps in per day. There are some amazing tracking devices like getting a Fitbit, Ringly or using an Apple Watch. Moving helps to manifest wellness and it also helps to raise your vibration.

11. Use Essential Oils

The wisdom of plant medicine to support you through life is incredible. I'm currently studying to become a certified Essential Oils Coach and one of the things I love the most is learning how the oils have the power to heal and promote wellness.

You can diffuse the oils, add a drop of oil to your water or rub them onto your skin (please use them wisely, plant medicine can be potent).

Three oils I love right now to support moving through bad days relatively quickly are…

Clarycalm: This is the best support for your hormones. Also, I roll it on my tween daughter’s wrists when she’s bordering on a meltdown. It’s the best monthly support for women and their cycles.

Balance: The name says it all. Whether you diffuse it or run in on the soles of your feet, the Balance blend helps to relieve anxiety and bring a sense of peacefulness.

Lavender: This oil is an old favorite to promote relaxation and peace. It soothes fear and it great to promote a restful night’s sleep. I like to add a few drops to a bubble bath.


Hug my kids, have a warm bath, make cocktails, go shopping, eat vegan chocolate, plan an adventure, buy new shoes, consult my oracle cards, draw mandalas, buy myself fresh flowers, call dear friends or write love notes, give my doggies as cuddle (as long as they are clean), make wishes on stars, make a big salad, paint my toenails and so on..

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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