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When You Want To Give Up, Read This.

Stick to your purpose, every day.

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Choose To Step Forward, Every Day. 


There comes a time where you will feel like you have lost your balance in life. Things may not be going according to plan. 


Or the way you live your life does not align with what you want a year or ten from now. 


Unfortunately, that is a weight many people bear because of how concrete our current life situations may feel. 


There is this obligation to our family, our kids, our job, and the more worldly things such as bills, mortgage, debt, college, you name it. 


What is something that you feel bound by? 


What keeps you at bay and out of reach from what you want in your life? 


Is it your work? Is it your relationship? Perhaps it is fear of failure or the uncertainty of what would happen if you decided to try something different. 


You have the power and the choice to liberate yourself. 


You are allowed to walk away from things that no longer bring you joy. 


And there is discomfort in setting yourself free. 


There is the fear of the unknown. 


The fear of uncertainty, because when you decide to unlock your life to off-beat opportunities, you can no longer predict what will happen. 


As human beings, we are creatures of habit. 


We love to be in the comfort of our home, family, friends, including the things that no longer serve us and bring us pain. 


Until we recognize that things need to change, we continue indulging and associating with self-sabotaging behaviours.


Until we decide to seek change, until we choose that making a change is essential, things will stay the same. 


And change is hard because it requires you to step outside of what you know


Stepping into an unknown territory forces you to face what's holding you back. We meet the fact that we are what holds us back.


And that, my friends, is uncomfortable


Often, it is an internal value or belief that you have about yourself, your life, or what you should be doing to succeed that keeps you in one place.


"I can't do this; this is stupid. " 

"I can't leave my job because I have to make money, but I hate what I am doing." 

"Being with this person is draining." 

"What other people think or need me to do is more important than my needs." 


What kind of things are you saying to yourself?


How much power do you actually have over your life right now


Do you think you are ready to challenge yourself? 




You have to believe in yourself enough to want to make that change. 


Because when you decide to make that change, the people around you will have to change too, which is the ultimate test.


To what degree are you bound to the people in your life? 


Will you give up halfway through because your best friend tells you you are nuts for leaving your husband? 


Or when your parents tell you that being a YouTube influencer is not a real job. 


Will you quit? 


Will you give up? 


Or will you take others' opinions and understand that their judgements and critique are not about you. Because at that moment, it's about them, not you


The moment you decide what the healthy boundary is between yourself and the people in your life is the moment you take another step forward.


The journey is long, and it's about your commitment to taking a step forward every single day. 


It's okay when you take two steps back because you get up and choose to take another action forward. 


There will be days when everything feels like it's working against you. Or you'll question if what you are doing is worth it. 


And you know what? 


You have to choose to take another step forward, or maybe today you take just half a step, and then another half-step tomorrow. 


As long as you choose to keep moving forward, that is all that matters. 


Choose to feel your discomfort.  


Every. Single. Day. 


Discomfort is part of the journey, and change takes time. 


Imagine you are a business, and your age is the number of years you have been in operation. 


For instance, I have been around for 27 years, 27 years of operation and dealing with life. Abiding by specific rules, investing in relationships, and simply navigating the best way I know how until one day... 


I decided to "rebrand." 


Think of yourself as a business that's been around for x amount of years, and now you are choosing to rebrand yourself. 


If you are a business owner, you will understand the struggle probably more than anyone. 


But if we are all business, and we decide to rebrand our lives. What kind of challenges do you think we'd face? 


As a business, it doesn't matter what other people think. We choose to rebrand to better align with our values and things that are most important to us. 


We rebrand ourselves because we decided that we no longer operate in this way and that it is time to reevaluate our future and what's most important. 


We reevaluate to better align with the meaning of life and our purpose.


The beautiful thing about being young is that children get to play and try different activities. They get to explore the world every day and pick a different identity because they can. And as soon as they get older, it becomes a lot harder to do that. 


I'm going to tell you one thing though, just because it's hard doesn't mean that it is impossible. 


When companies choose to rebrand, they don't care about what a couple of people think because it's not about those people. It's about the company that's doing the rebranding, and it's about the people who fit in with those values. 


There is a reason why they choose to create change, just like there is a deeper reason why we decide to rebrand ourselves as individuals. 


This journey takes time, and it takes time for others to adjust to the changes we make. 


So it is essential to keep taking those steps, or half steps forward, even after taking three steps back. 


People will not always agree or align with you, but you have to stick with it. 


You have to continue choosing to take that step forward, and before you know it, you will get to the place you are going. 




So when you choose your destination, when you select that end goal, remember that when you reach that goal, it's only a split moment that you get to experience that gratification of achieving something. 


Because what happens after that? 


I encourage you to find ways to celebrate in-between. When you reach a new milestone, when you win at something or take another step forward after taking five back, celebrate


Celebrate the small wins. Acknowledge the small victories


Be there for yourself while on this journey by enjoying the life you live in between and after all the goals. 


This way, you can create a balance in your life between work and play. A type of compensation where you wont wake up one day and think about where your life went, but the kind where at the end of it you believe genuinely:


"Wow. I did it all. I gave it my best shot, and I loved the shit out of my life."


That is the goal, for me, at least. 


To know that I did everything I could to influence and motivate others to fight hard and fight harder when it doesn't seem like any of this is worth it.


Even when it seems like nobody in the crowd is listening, I chose to show up because this is what matters most to me. 


Like I mentioned earlier, hard doesn't mean it's impossible. 


You have to choose to take a step forward because things will stay the same if you don't. 


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