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If You Take The Lid Off...

Based on the quote below: ‘If you take the lid off, the potential in every one of us is expansive.’ — Steve Harvey

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‘If you take the lid off, the potential in every one of us is expansive.’

Steve Harvey

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Hi there! You’ve probably Liked a post with this same quote, but what does it really mean?

‘If you take the lid off, the potential in every one of us is expansive.’

Take the lid off, take the lid off, so why do you think ‘the lid’ as it were, has to be taken off? What lid? What lids have people put on us to cap our potential? Did your parents tell you that you weren’t as clever as your younger brother? Did your teachers tell you or insinuate that people like you (your sex, your perceived level of intelligence, your height, your race) can only go so far and only do certain things?

What lids have we placed on ourselves? Does the lid of small thinking fit too snugly? Bob Marley sang, ‘If the cap fits, let them wear it …’, but you do not have to wear it.

 Do you sit in your comfort zone, nostalgically wondering what things would be like if you were born into the family of your high achieving next door neighbour? Do you look at your age and assume that if you haven’t made it by now, you never will?

Your lid is whatever you allow to stop you from achieving what you want, even your most extraordinary dreams which may seem impossible. Whether you have placed the lid on yourself, or if others have dropped this on you, it must be removed in order for you to fulfil your true, God-given purpose.

How do you remove the lid? Identify it or them, they could be plenty and make concrete plans for liftoff! The What is Blocking You? Chapter of my book, ‘HOW TO GET PAID MORE THAN YOUR BOSS’, which starts on page 10, will help you with this.

So, according to Steve Harvey, once the lid is off, ‘the potential in every one of us is expansive.’ What does it mean for our potential to be expansive? This means our potential is vast, extensive, and capacious. How are you seeing your potential now? Has COVID-19 had an effect on how you see your future? Have you recently been made redundant and think that the latter part of 2020 will spiral downwards for you? It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s a sad fact that 80% of the population will retire broke, but it’s not too late for you to be part of the 20% that will be far away from struggle.

What does success mean to you? To me, success is not about being rich, bathing in champagne, living in the largest detached house, and having a flashy car for every day of the week. To me, real success, as well as being the opposite of failure, is the ‘… highest possible attainment of peace, joy and fulfilment’, as stated by Michael Ayeni, author of ‘The Seven Gateways to Success’. Nevertheless, success is the achievement of a desired goal and all our goals are different.

Inbox me today if you want help with lifting the lids that are stopping your success.

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