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3 Tips For Extroverts During COVERT 19

This article gives you tips to deal with the pandemic. I think extroverts find it more challenging to deal with the lockdown

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As an extrovert, I find it extremely difficult to cope with not being social with others. I miss the positive shared energies and even more so the motivation I generate from being together with others. So what do we as extroverts do to cope with COVID 19?


First tip: Try and find new ways that will energize you. Maybe you would like to spend time in nature. Take a stroll on your own on the beach and sing songs while doing it. Or perhaps you would want to cry and scream about the “unfairness” of this whole pandemic. It is healthy to get the suppressed feelings and emotions out of your body, and it will harm no-one.


Second tip: Become creative. Start a blog, or learn how to paint or to build a puzzle. To be creative is an excellent method to do processing without thinking. And as extroverts, we do not like too much introspection. The above techniques are an easy way to process unaware emotions.


Lastly, we can skype or zoom, or WhatsApp calls to your friends. Before you do it, you need to prepare yourself and imagine and visualize that you are sitting with them in a restaurant, feeling their energy, and pretend that you are in a “normal social setting.” Visualization and imaginary go a long way. Just try it.


So to all my extrovert friends, take care and hang in there. “This also shall pass.”

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