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How to deal with Anger

Play with some avatars to get your control back to your anger!

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Are you an angry person? Have you ever questioned yourself why?


Let's dig into that:

For the angry person, the first reaction to almost everything is anger. It seems that, you put a buzzer upfront which is your anger, then anybody can easily press that buzzer and drive you crazy. So you are actually waiting for the first stimulator to shoot your gun immediately regardless of the type of the trigger. It could be the simple noise triggering you or the terrible disaster.


But Why you have this behavior?

Perhapas, because the mind is too busy, and there is not enough space there.

Why mind is busy with this bad habit?  Unfortunately, you have been programmed a long time ago by a bad experience and have never noticed that you have power to break that conditioning.


Here are some funny solutions:


1. Try to play with your mind in a funny way when you are facing to your anger. For instance, be aware and be ready that your anger is coming up all the time. Watch yourself carefully during the day and notice your anger. Try not to supress it or control it, just observe it. When you practice this observing technique you would be suprised by seeing your habit clearly and you feel so relaxed and calm since you already know what your reaction will be. Being predictable is the first step of safety and security.


2. Then try to put the Odd avatar for your anger, for example whenever you get angry, imagine lashing out your anger is as rediculous as peeing in front of other people :)), pouring boiling water on people, tearing a 1000 $ bill or putting your finger directly into your eyes.


Let's try this technique and you might be surprised, how your funny powerful avatar can easily control your anger.


Just feel free to sit in a one-on-one session with me. By working together, I would be able to guide you to clear up your mind and break your current pattern in order to build up an amazing new pattern for you.




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