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Do You Know How To Utilize Self-Reflection To Rediscover Yourself?

Think of your existence as an exploding star within the Universe. Through self-reflection you can view your own existence.

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Awareness is like an exploding star in the Universe. The light explodes and travels, seeing more and more in the Universe, scattered and encountering anything in its path. The light is warped around the physical obstacles within its path. 

When you reverse this explosion and turn around and shine the light back towards original awareness, you remember and can see that you are that star exploding. You can learn to self-reflect while bringing your awareness back to itself. This allows you to see yourself in a clearer perspective for who you are. Now you are able to view the Universe you experienced after exploding into it.

Awareness and existence are eternal. With the tool of self-relfection you can oberseve both of these eternal phenomena for yourself. Self-reflection is an invaluable tool that can be used to reverse negativity within our minds or within those around us. Self-reflection is also helpful in overturning some of our anxieties, depressions, anger, or lonliness. 

Do you need some guidance on your journey to learning how best to utilize the tool of self-relfection? You can reverse your exploding awareness from time to time through my custom meditation.


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