I have written an anger management guide which focuses on the human brains ability to think. The guide is called "The Rational Thinking Model of Cognitive Self Change".  The purpose of the guide is to get people to think about their reactions to problems before they re-act to the problem out of emotion.  The first thing discussed is what the definition of rational thinking is, rational thinking is thinking about our actions before we act or react to any situation. It is also rationalizing behavior verses consequence.  For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction, for every cause, there is an effect, and for every behavior, there is a consequence.  We are free as humans to make any choice and decision that we want to make, but no one is exempt from the consequences of their choices or decisions.  Therefore, to get good consequences we must make good choices and good decisions.  Rational Thinking allows one to Stop what they are doing, Think about the situation at hand, Assess the possible actions and reactions that they can take to deal with the problem, and then React to the situation with the hopes of the most favorable consequence being the result.  That is the acroynym of S.T.A.R., being used to form a rational thinking process. The other part of the guide focuses on Cognitive Self Change which is changing the way one acts by changing the way that one thinks.  The bottom line is that the world happens, things happen, events happen, and people happen.  The reality is that we can only control one thing in this whole world and that is ourself.  When things happen, we must learn to shift our focus from the action of what is happening, to the focus of how we are going to react to what is happening.  This is called rational thinking, thinking about our actions before we act or react.  If we can learn to control that which we can control, and stop trying to control the things that we cannot control, we will be less frustrated which will help to keep our emotions in control.  When others can control our emotions they can control us.  If you do not want to be controlled by other people, things, or events, then learn to control, "YOURSELF"!