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Using Our Powers for Good? The Rise of A.I.

A.I. Is there harmless A.I. and just because we can doesn't mean we should.

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Using Our Powers for Good? The Rise of A.I.

Hello everyone! If you know me, you know I am not a fan of A.I. quite honestly it scares me. Here is why (it has nothing to do with Terminator), machines are starting to learn…think about that for a second. They can learn.

I figured that even though I am totally against it, it is here. So, I thought I had better educate myself on it. I went to the page on Claude, so far and I am just starting to learn about it. The sales page says that it is harmless. Part of me wants to say that no A.I is harmless. For now, we are having it work for us, but the tables could easily turn.

While computers can do somethings faster and better than humans in some contexts or they can do some of the administrative work we don’t want to do…it also takes away jobs from real people who are struggling to make ends meet. It can be creative even, so we don’t have to be. It is more accurate in it’s computations, perfect in certain assessments… but there is something missing.

It's called compassion and empathy. Computers don’t care if you need your job or jobs to support your family. They don’t care if you are a teen looking for their first job or a retired person who just wants a little human interaction. We may “feel the hit” when we are determined a bad risk (think of being hurt at work and on light duty). The computer may just see that we are damaged goods and not able to do our jobs even if that inability is temporary. The computer doesn’t understand that it just “sees” a damaged cog on the wheel that is unable to function (even if it’s a temporary condition) …you could lose your job.

All this is about work, how about our personal lives? What about A.I. boy and girlfriends? I would be willing to bet you that they seem real and harmless at first, but it is a slippery slope, my friends. As humans, we need real human touch and interactions. We need to make mistakes and learn from them. Even if we aren’t as efficient and error free as computers, we have value and a purpose.

I plan to investigate this further and write about it. I know I am a bit hardheaded about it, but we need to think about this…just because we can, does it mean that we should? What will self-actualization mean for us in the dawn of the age of A.I.? What will we do if some computer program finds us to be irrelevant and/or inefficient?

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