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It is Okay to be Okay

In this article I explore the idea of it being okay to be okay.

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It is Okay to be Okay


It really is okay to be okay. It may not seem like it, but it is. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a disorder. For example: if we check more than once or twice to be sure our front door is locked at night, we might have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). If we feel down for more than a couple of days, then we might be depressed. If we have a lot of ideas come into our heads, maybe we have attention deficit disorder. You might be thinking right now that I am oversimplifying something that is a serious issue for some people, and you could be right, I might be…it is truly not my intention to disrespect anyone who might be suffering from a condition that was named above.

There is such a thing as a fad diagnosis and that can certainly apply to mental health diagnosis. There for a while, it was attention deficit disorder and then it was autism and after that it was depression. The mental health industry is a gray area type of science and there is a lot of disagreement among professionals as far as diagnostic criteria. Having been in this field for most of my professional career, I have formed the opinion that as humans, we all have a little bit of everything and it only becomes a diagnosable condition, when certain parts of our psyche get out of balance and to such an extent that it negatively effects our ability to navigate the world and this imbalance makes it difficult for us to form relationships, work, and be a productive nonharmful part of society or as the *book says we are a danger to ourselves and others. In part, I think that this is why the DSM V ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) (* referred to above) was created and used to find a common way for therapists to categorize specific symptoms that a client has under specific heading and be able to say, “This person’s symptoms are the same as those listed under the name/label.” For those of you all out there that are not familiar with the manual, what is special about this edition of the book is that before the categories were more or less “you have it, or you don’t” now it takes on a more continuum type of form. The main purpose of the book is to give professionals a common language to use when they are talking about human suffering and second it gives specific codes for each disorder or problem, so that insurance companies can decide if they want to accept the mental health claim or deny it.

It seems that today, having a diagnosed mental health condition us en vogue, meaning that so people feel as though they are being left out or they are not special if they do not have a mental health condition. I asked my son about it, and he said that it was true that, you are almost not “normal” if you do not have a mental health condition. Think about that for a minute…You are not normal unless you are atypical. Once upon a time, if someone was “crazy” they were locked a way in a closet or an asylum. It was a shameful thing if you or a family member had a mental health condition, and it was a stigma. Now, I think the pendulum has swung too far the other way and somewhere in the middle is better. In conclusion, I believe that mental health issues should be treated if they can be, people should not be stigmatized or locked away nor should having a mental health problem be a way, to distinguish oneself or a way to feel special and it should not be an excuse for bad behavior!


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