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Mental health & meditation

Importance of mental health

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When the news of celebrity suicides hits your ears you can’t help but recognize the value & importance of mental health within every ones life’s

Why do such incidents need to occur when they were no apparent reason? This question rises in almost all thought-full minds & that’s the reason I want to dedicate today's article to mental health & meditation 

Today I want to talk about how important it is to stay mentally healthy.. we all get so busy in thinking, learning and knowing that “feeling” just gets subsided in this busy hi-tech lifestyle 

An unhealthy accumulation of traumas & incidents, which we ignore and do not allow ourselves to feel entire, creates the biggest energy blocks in our systems and becomes the cause of mental breakdowns 

When this breakdown happens sometimes it  reaches a point that leads a person to take some sever self-harming actions which leaves everyone in the close circle of friends and family to think that, they didn’t do enough to stay connected or talk the person out of that moment 

But the fact is sometimes it’s self-ignorance that create this ill-health in the first place because it cannot rise up overnight I believe, it takes a gradual accumulation of toxic thoughts in the persons mind Because a person's biggest battle is not with his circumstances but it’s with his own thoughts regarding the circumstances and it’s surroundings events 

Say for example 

Death of a loved one brings so much emotional pain and sadness but we sometimes rush into day-to-day life too quickly even before getting over it fully .. we pretend to be normal forcefully in front of everyone to appear strong.

Relationship breakups are painful and heart-melting but we jump too quickly to another one for quick gratification in order to feel good instantly.

Carrier changes, hormonal changes are all stressful and causes upheaval in persons routine life but we ignore the emotions sometimes, that comes to the surface or just cover it with false masks for Everything to seem normal from outside 

But the fact is these are just. pain killers, not healers.  

Pain killers can subside pain but can’t heal it. 

To heal the emotional pain you must need to feel the emotions and let your mental system flush out the toxins bubbling from it. 

This process can take time ( can take a different amount of time for every individual depending on their mental state) the same way the broken bones take time to heal. 

You can not start walking normally straight after a fractured leg!

You need to rest in order for it to heel fully first!

I believe self-healing starts from self-awareness the best way to heel mental and emotional pain is to allow time for emotions to be felt entirely and leave our energy field for good.

The best place to heel this type of pain is “silence”.

So practice staying in silence for a few minutes every day before it’s too late.

Observe silence often & Read my next article titled silence to see how the silence can become the first step of meditation.

Hope this will help 


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