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Lessons from my feathered friends

3 Lessons, those I could not learn with my human soulmates, My feathered friends taught me..

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Lessons from my feathered friends


[ Note: First of all I would like to Thank you all for the overwhelming response, support and well wishes for my previous articles, it was an absolute pleasure to receive such encouragement there are not enough words to express gratitude but please know that each comment was greatly welcomed and gracefully accepted. ]


3 Lessons, those I could not learn with my human soulmates, My feathered friends taught me.

“Lyme, jack & Jill”


Lesson 1: Let go 

I learned: It is very important to realise that nothing happens ‘to’ you every thing happens ‘for’ you, What ever happen is always neutral it’s only the way you look at it makes it good or bad, here I am not saying, not to feel anything good or bad and be numb towards everything, what I am saying is feel everything (because to heal you need to feel) but once you allowed your self to feel the feeling do not hold on.. 



Lesson 2: Surrender 

I learned: that the saying, “the tighter you hold the sand in your hands the more it will sleep through the fingers” and this works the same way for expectations too, the more you expect from a situation, a person or even from your own self the less would be the chances for the desired outcome because expectations brings everything to the surface: fear, concerns, doubt every thing and when you are in all these lower vibrational energies how can something high vibrational manifest? so.. 



Lesson 3: Trust the Devine timing

I learned: Do I ever question why I do not allow my kid to drive at the age of 5 ?! Then why should I ever question when universe doesn’t allow me to have something while I am not ready? 

Do you ever go to a restaurant, place an order for your food and then go to the kitchen every minute to check with the chefs whether your food is being prepared or not?  I suppose the most answers would be no, you know you have arrived and seated at the restaurant you know you have placed the order and you know it will be delivered to your table when it will be ready similarly when your asking and wanting something from God or universe or whichever higher power you believe in than.. 



Alas I learned these the hard way, My friends lost their own lights to illuminate my way.

I can’t decide weather to be happy for having such beautiful souls in my soul tribe or to be sad loosing such beautiful friends in my (human) 3D life!


I can’t describe the feelings with just words.

I can’t express the loss with just sorrow.

I can’t accept the epiphany with just grace.

Prayers,emotions and gratitudes are words too small to describe what is in my mind.

If I could I would like to ask forgiveness for my unrealised sins towards you if any, you make me proud of myself for having a soul family so loving and kind. Fly high my feathered friends , I know you are safe and happier where you are.

I shall see you over the rainbow bridge, until then keep guiding me, keep shining your lights brightly on my path for I will need your love and support till eternity.

And to conclude,

I can not say thank you with just gestures but,

Thanks a bunch for teaching me the lessons of self love “Berry”.

Please stay with us as long as you can and keep bathing me in the showers of your unconditional love.

Love you loads. xxx




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