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4 fixes for fear

4 fixes for fear

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4 fixes for fear







Recognise your fear:

  • Recognise that whatever you are feeling or believing is just a fear and nothing else. 
  • Go into the roots of the belief from where your fear rises from. 
  • Gather all the evidence in you mind that proves to you that your belief is untrue. 
  • Have an empowering self talk to conquer your fear.


Respond to your fear 

  • Do not react at once, step back, pause and respond.
  • Make a plan for how you want to overcome your fear.
  • Judge and decide how important it is for you to overcome your fear.
  • List down things that your fear is stopping you from doing.

 Rendezvous with your fear 

  • Come face to face with a situation depicting your fear, look into eyes of your fear.
  • Make an escape plan beforehand.
  • If possible keep an ally on your side who can encourage you to get through the situation and/or pull you out of it if required. 
  • Take a deep breath and stay as calm as possible, panicking make the situation worst than it actually is.


Release your fear 


  • Rest and rejuvenate if required after a combat with the situation. 
  • Talk to someone about your requirements, concerns and achievements, inspire yourself and others. 
  • Challenge and motivate yourself to overcome a similar situation in future.
  • Feel the emotion, whatever comes on the surface and gently release and let go of your fear.

Remember fear means 

F: false

E: experience 

A: appearing 

R: real 

So stay in the reality to remove the illusion and get rid of your fear.



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