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Aces of self healing

4 aces of self healing

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Everything you get upset about something or someone is teaching you an important lesson to overcome your own triggers by showing you your wounds & areas of healing which needs your loving attention.

Ask why? and how? Questions and you will receive the answers for questions related to what you need to heel within your own self.



The biggest part of healing or making ourselves whole is to accept all of the many parts of ourselves. The times when we did well, and the times when we didn’t do so well. The times when we were terrified, and the times when we were loving. The times when we were very foolish and silly, and the times when we were very bright and clever. The times when we had egg on our faces, and the times when we were winners. All of these are parts of ourselves. 



there is no need to bend over backwards to maintain a relationship or a healthy bond because that can only be done until so long anyway, believe that “When your relationships are healthy, the people in your life don’t want you to just be a faithful echo or mirror of their own needs and opinions. They want you to be your authentic self. They want to know when you don’t want to do something. They want to know when you disagree. They want to hear your opinion, even if it’s different than theirs. And if there’s a conflict between you, they don’t want to avoid conflict or arguments. They want to stick around and work it out.



Detach from the outcome, do not make the process mean anything to you or allow the situation to let you form another belief or perception of any kind in you mind, forgive yourself and others, make peace with the past but don’t forget the lessons, become the observer of the entire journey, learn and let go.


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