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3 main reasons Why empaths and awakened souls find it difficult to connect with people

3 main reasons Why empaths and awakened souls find it difficult to connect with people in general.

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Highly sensitive empaths and awakened souls do not engage in shallow conversations and even when they do they loose interest quite quickly because they crave deep connections and meaningful conversation to feed their emotional intelligence which is nonexistent in those types of encounters, similarly people tangled in 3D matrix and material world would struggle to connect with such depth and the connection looses its grip eventually. 


Because of their empathetic qualities empaths mostly cannot continuously keep up with their social responsibilities as they would feel overwhelmed after a while by absorbing the energies around and need frequent breaks to rejuvenate and recharged their physical, emotional & energy bodies when they can’t find an appropriate outlet to release the information they intuitively gather, where as on the other hand people who are apparently extroverted and hipper social, at the core they run away or hide from facing their shadows which leads them to surround themselves with like minded people and keeping busy to avoid deep self encounters. 


Awakened souls are well aware about the fact that there is more to life and there is a bigger reality of existence than what meets the eye, this knowledge sometimes makes them appear emotionally cold and distant on the occasion which normally clarified as sad, emotional or overwhelming in nature and drags attention of everyone in the physical world where normal people gets emotionally charged and may loose control over their emotions due to unawareness of how to intentionally release the need to control the physical reality and surrender the outcome. 


This lack of deep connection creates a shadow of feeling loneliness sometimes but the good news is even within or in between those waves of loneliness one can still find comfort by affirming that there’s no need to feel disconnected or abandoned because our higher self always have a bird’s eye view or map of the route of souls journey and we are always and forever connected energetically with our highest selves and everything that exists in the matrix and beyond, we are always loved and protected being a powerful creator of our own realities and we have all the power in the universe to turn the situation around in our own favour with complete surrender to the outcome. 

Hope this has helped. Stay in-tuned. 


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