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Why am I not very good at saying goodbyes.

Insight into the thought process of someone who seems comparatively cold and emotionally distant.

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Why I am not very good at saying goodbyes.


I get really sad when letting go saying goodbuy because my anxiety is always about the well-being of my loved ones.


My first thought always is who will take care of them like I do if I am not around. But I forget everything and everyone has their own destiny and own karma to deal with I can only be the instrument for good or bad. 


My second concern is what if I will never get to see them again? Because when you love someone you also have some attachment to their responses and reactions towards your actions which is unhealthy in a long run because you can’t put conditions or clock on love, it is timeless it is eternal it is unconditional if you try to tie it down it will always escape but if you will hold it gently it will always stay with you.


I should never forget They also are the part of a greater plan and they also are protected loved and cared for from the supreme lord and if that is the case they are as safe as I am in the loving hands of haven. 


So instead of having anxiety worry and questions about how, who, when & what will take care of them if something happens, I need to assure myself about the fact that nothing can go wrong with them when they are always supported and cared for by the loving universe, I myself am the representation of the entire loving universe and the same force is taking care of my loved once exactly like me or even much more better then me by not only protecting them in the now but also with a bird’s eye view on their path ahead.

Why would they ever need to be taken care of when there are no mistakes in the universe, everything happens for a reason and there are no errors in god’s plan. So what is there to worry about, if I have time to worry I have time to pray. 

So next time when I will have to let go or say goodbye then instead of worrying about their future I should be praying about their wellbeing, and that way I can always be there with them energetically for the ones I want to take care of and alway want to be taken care of because soon as I leave their side in 3D they are in gods hands and where can be a safer place than that. Nothing can go wrong and nothing to fear when god is in-charge & if you support the plan by stop sending fearful vibrations and start sending love and light.


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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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