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The strange Mind

Do you control your mind or does your mind control you ?

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You were designed by evolutionary proceses to percieve and react to negative stimuli, sexual stimuli and threat more readily and spontaneously for the purpose of survival and reproduction. That leaves the mind hypoactive to positivity and happiness. For these things you have to force your mind into a positive mindset with deliberation and intent. By committed and strong decision to control the flow of your thoughts from the negative to the positive. This is a very high transformational shift that requires time, energy and power of will. This could be done by achieving a state of mindfulness, fulfilment and peace aquired through the principles of conscious auto suggestion and priming. Changing your state to change your perspective. Self descipline and consistency play a detrimental role here and are influenced by your level of motivation for the achievement of your goal. Your motivation in turn depends upon the meaning you associate with your goal. The more personal and introspective the meaning the higher the motivation.

Now because most of this thinking works on a subconscious, subliminal and even unconscious levels, it is hard for a person to unpack them fully, structure them and manifest them. And hence the need for coaching.

Coaching will help you to be absolutely sure about your goal. Wether it is your goal or have you adopted it from elsewhere. It will help you figure out your true realistic options and help you choose.

This creates a greater understanding of self and motivations and the motives behind the motivations. So let me help you by unpacking things for you and help you with the decisions you need to make to transform your life into the life you truly want to live. This could mean changing various small and big components of your life. 

The change begins in the thoughts first, because you become what you think about. The thought and emotion discipline in most cases is the first step.

So let me serve you, take a leaf of faith on yourself and let me free you from the chains that always drag you down.

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