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Five Tips for Giving your Mind a Spring Cleaning

Spring clean your mind not just your space.

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Spring has arrived and with it the urge to spring clean. By definition, spring cleaning is the act or process of doing a thorough cleaning of a place. Why do people spring clean anyway? Besides the improvement in the weather, A clean space can also strengthen your immune system and help avoid illness. Also, according to experts, a decluttered space can reduce stress and depression. 

If it is good for your health and spirit to spring clean your house or office, why wouldn’t it be a good idea to do a spring cleaning of sorts for your mind? In this article, I will give you five tips to do just that.

Forgive and Forget

Do you recall that disagreement or argument you had with your partner, friend, or coworker? Well, if you do, forgive, and forget about it. You do not have to swallow your pride and apologize (especially if you feel that you did nothing wrong), but you should not allow this to take up valuable space in your thoughts. Stop dwelling over it. Whatever it is that keeps popping back up, LET IT GO. That is right let go of that mental baggage. 

Make Time for YOU

Seriously, I do not care if it is just a few minutes a day, make time for you. We find a way to make time for everything else that needs to be tended to and often overlook ourselves. Meditate, read, exercise, take a walk, do nothing just so long as you allow yourself time each day to focus on yourself.

Tidy Up

Ever heard the saying, Clean house, clear mind? Well, there is some truth to that saying. Experts agree that a clutter-free living space can destress and curb depression. You do not have to do a deep clean, but getting rid of clutter, dusting, and reorganizing an area can do wonders for your mood.

Put Your Thoughts Down on Paper

Whether it is a to-do list or a release of emotions, write it down. Don't just keep adding to the myriad of other important things we already HAVE to remember. Write your feelings and thoughts down in a journal or a planner and get them off your mind.

Cultivate Gratitude

Be grateful for all things no matter how small they may seem to be. Just being grateful for opening your eyes to see a new day is something everyone should be grateful for daily. Starting your day with a positive and grateful perspective often carries over into the rest of your day.

Use the beauty and newness of spring to not only spring clean your living and workspaces but also take the time to spring to clean your mental space. Try implementing all or a few of these tips this spring to take advantage of all that a spring cleaning can bring. Our minds deserve a periodic reset. 

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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