Sexual Addiction is the most common Addiction other than drugs. Sexual Addiction can come suddenly or hidden from the past boosted into your character. In the past, you probably had a few childhood events that can trigger you to become a Sexual Addict like today or you can simply feel the rush and satisfaction of feeling desirable by having multiple partners performing different acts until you are fulfilled for that moment. Trust me, if you feel you maybe one rightnow,  you're not the only human suffering from this. There are many people that need to fill different voids like for instance... Eating alot of Chocolate or drinking alcohol   if your single makes you happy for that time being but then you need more of it . Just ask yourself? What happened to you in an early age ? What is the void you have or what can you substitute on your spare time to not feel so Lustful . Of course, you do not want to be pointed out as an Addict of any sort of thing but when it takes over your mind more than it should a day we have to see what else we can do to Motivate our minds. In the past, I seeked attention not because I didn't think I wasn't beautiful enough  I  simply loved the attention and rush in the moment but after those few hours it all faded away and that happened for many years in. If you would like to know more about this topic or talk it out without being judged feel free to message me .