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What High Achievers Aren’t Telling You About the Internal Habit Secret

So you declared war against the enemy called average, yet you are still right where you were when you got mad -try this.

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What High Achievers Aren’t Telling You About the Internal Habit Secret


Have you ever hit the proverbial glass ceiling and no matter how hard you grinned, you couldn’t break thru? If so, you’re probably missing one of the biggest factors that challenge individuals who are trying to grow. It’s a secret used by high achievers all over the world. These go-getters have overcome Purpose Deficit Disorders (PDD). Ever hear of it? Probably not, yet every day, in every city, this disorder prevents people from finding their purpose and becoming their best version.


PDD is the inability to identify anatomical hints that lead to a higher purpose. This can be measured by the personal failure to crave for wisdom that leads to a higher purpose. In other words, when people who are already struggling with PDD trust themselves, they create a low output performance loop. Since their thinking is the problem, it’s crazy that the person remains stuck under the power of their own thinking.


You may have heard the saying, hurting people, hurt people. Some of it is unintentional, but the cycle is real and the results are also. PDD is always the culprit when people are depressed, discouraged, desponded, and dejected. To eliminate these D’s, PDD must be addressed.


So here is the answer. There are 8 hints that force us to make choices that promote Meaning Excellence (ME). ME is the keystone habit that leads to reprogramming other solutions to reach one’s highest growth potential. Draw a circle in your mind to get a visual of a loop. Think North, East and West. South is not represented at the bottom. The ME habit loop is a circle where Routines are at the top – 12:00 position. Rewards are on the right 3:00 position. Cues are on the left 9:00 position.


The goal is to develop mental routines that reward your Highest Growth Potential. The key to this is found in the cue. Whatever cue’s your mental routine in the Human Experience, determines your next thoughts and the subsequent actions. In fact, it’s happening right now. You are already processing the next thought based on the cues that trigger how you exist in the Human Experience.


You can learn how to break the wrong habit loop and get into the ME habit loop. For now, practice being aware of what cues your routines. When the name of the person you may have conflict with comes to mind, note the cued routine. Think about what you want that has eluded you. Note the cued response and mental routine. Perhaps you have calmed yourself down, or hyped yourself up in the past. If it worked, it now needs to become a habit. The better the habit the better the result. As legendary UCLA men’s basketball coach John Wooden would attest, he mentioned that he was not the greatest game coach, but he strove to be the greatest practice coach. Focusing on the fundaments, also known as routines, the “Wizard of Westwood”, coached his teams to 7 straight men’s college basketball National Championships and won another 3 titles, making him the winningest championship coach in college history – with 10 titles. That’s the internal secret. That’s what a Meaningful Excellence habit loop can do for you.

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