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Your Purpose is a Sophisticated Masterpiece

There is so much more to you than your body. Everyone sees that first, but once you learn how to unpack your own soul, OMG.

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Your Purpose is A Sophisticated Masterpiece


Your soul is a Sophisticated Masterpiece and purpose is an activity of your soul. Your soul bridges your spiritual existence with your physical performance. Whatever you are inside, shows up on the outside. This is how value is built. To more fully appreciate this process, an increased Awareness of your design potential is required, which is the key to accessing your Invisible power.[1]


Your Sophisticated Masterpiece is itself a venue. A venue is a place where something happens. Your body is the venue that carries whatever is happening inside you. There are also 5 places in the soul where things happen inside your body. These inside attributes generate whom we become and tells us who we are today. Things inside of us change, but the sophistication of what makes you – you, is described below.


  1. Your Mind is the Calculation venue home of the Intellect.
  2. The Will is the Decision-making venue home of the upcoming Actions.[2]
  3. The Memory is the marker-making venue home of the Past.
  4. The imagination is the picture-making venue home of motion pictures.
  5. Emotion is the relational venue home of relationship design.


With this level of sophistication, it makes sense to spend time here, on the inside. Remember you won your first race inside your Mother’s womb. That’s how you got here. Herein rests some of the most significant clues that feature the Sophistication of your Masterpiece. To grow into your design, take a few moments each day to explore, you. This way you will know more about what’s going on inside your venue.


  1. Find out what’s in your Vault (Your Mind) Some things may need to go.
  2. Verify the quality of your Decisions (Your Will) See what may need improvement.
  3. Check on the Markers (Your Memory) to see what should be highlighted.
  4. Review the Pictures (Your Imagination) to know what’s on your mental screen.
  5. Observe the health of (Your Relationships) to improve the direction of your Will.


Creating this habit of renewing your mind will increase your appreciation for the uniqueness within your venue. This level of personal investigation will empower you to understand the invisible place where things happen. When You Don’t Have a Clue about How to Find Your Purpose, pay attention to the way these 5 design features work. This will help you grasp greater clarity about how you tick and why you display the Sophistication that is your Masterpiece.


[1] Donald Jenkins, MPDC and Lily Jenkins, Ph. D., Purpose Development Institute, (Atlanta, GA, Purpose Unlimited Publishing), 10

[2] DJoe Ibojie, Ph.D. Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols, (Pescara, Italy Destiny Image Europe), 75.




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