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How to Reach Your Invisible Attributes

Let's face it, we all need help. As spiritual people, on a physical journey, divine guidance should not be a surprise.

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In the success and motivation space, few discuss the details surrounding how and why some people make it and others don’t. There are many elements that speak to the benefits of personal and spiritual development, but in most cases, there is no connection drawn between them. But they are inseparable – we are spirit beings having a human experience, and while we may be receiving training to mimic good habits, attention must also be given to the invisible attributes that make us who we are.


This article will combine what other coaching avoids, and address what Life Coaching does not address. The essential elements that must be brought together include:


Intelligent Design

Design Potential

Secrets from the Throne


Intelligent Design implies that we are created and not the result of mystical manifestation. Estimates are that between 200 and 600 million sperm cells vied for the egg that you penetrated, making you the winner of an extraordinary race. By itself, this should change the narrative about our Intelligent Design.


Design Potential is the outcome of being Intelligently Designed and “purpose” is the obvious consequence of why you being chosen to win the race was absolutely necessary. You are therefore capable of specific and expansive things that can be taught and expanded upon. The Design underwrites the Potential, which predisposes you to success in the areas that fit your make up.


These Secrets come from the Throne where the Creator masterfully planned for your arrival. You were no mistake, even though mistakes from parents, protagonists and other people are real. Yet, the Potential you have is derived from Intelligence and is a secret that lies within you, and you hold the key to unlock the treasures placed within you.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. You’re so big inside it requires time to mine the gold and hidden resources that make you - you.

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