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A Gutter King will Pull Down a Beauty Queen

Kings & Queens are not equal, but not as you might think. The one with the greater rule, wields the biggest heart.

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The kind of queen you are will determine the kind of king you attract. Every woman is a beauty queen, but not because of makeup, fine clothes and gorgeous hair. Real beauty queens exist because of the inward beauty that sustains the luster of the beauty that is seen.

As a general rule, men don’t look for inner beauty first, but are attracted by what is seen. As a beauty queen, you will  naturally attract attention. But you must vet the type of king you are attracting and determine if you should proceed. Ask yourself, “Is this the kind of attention I want?”

When you know what you want, you’ll also know what you don’t want. Only you can define what the gutter means to you. Then, you must determine if you are routinely attracted to a Gutter King. Here are some hints.

In your present relationship, are you going up or are you going down? In other words, have things been better since you met him? If you can’t tell the difference, you’re in trouble already. Ambivalence is a great place to hide when queens are not in command of what type of king they want. Living in the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about someone is dangerous. If this is where the queen resides, stop dating immediately until you figure this out.

If you’re married to a Gutter King, you’ll need to pray a lot more than you did when you said, “I do”. I’ll address Kings and Queens who are married at a later time.

If you’re on the fence about what a Gutter King looks like, ask yourself, “How many excuses do I make for him?” and, “How many signs do I overlook?” If your King is on the “At Least He List” he nor you are ready for what this will look like.

The “At Least He List”

At least he’s trying.
At least I got a man.
At least he has a job.
At least he is not abusive.
At least he tolerates my kids.
At least he comes home sometimes.
At least he doesn’t text her anymore.
At least he shows me some attention.
At least he prays every now and then.
At least he only gets high only on the weekends.

You, nor a Gutter King are born to live this low. Make up your mind to move in the direction of your goals. Become the kind of queen you know you were born to become. Clean out your royal court, and go to work on you.

Let us help you with resources that may keep you out of the gutter.

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