Has your heart been broken?

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02 October

Most of us have experienced some type of heartbreak, but not all of us have healed. Unfortunately, to break a heart is infinitely easier than mending one, but it’s a challenge that we must endure if we want to move forward and live healthily again.

For the skeptical souls who doubt the severity of a broken heart, it may be shocking to learn the long-term physical and mental health complications associated with “broken heart syndrome”—yes, it’s a real thing!

Those who wallow in their sadness, perhaps due to a fear of moving on without a loved one, may exacerbate the psychological side effects of a broken heart by worsening their internal conflict and damaging their ability to thrive in both current and future relationships. Living with a broken heart and its devastating effects may also affect job performance or your desire to participate in activities you love. This is why it’s so important to push forward, even when you’re feeling broken.

But how can you mend a broken heart?

Here are just a few tips we’ve gathered to get back on track toward relief and happiness.

Be mindful

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool when we can’t seem to keep our thoughts from a damaging whirlwind of catastrophic negativity. Try some guided meditation with apps or online videos, practice living in the moment, and train your brain to put intrusive thoughts to rest. 

Make music your friend

Science has long demonstrated the therapeutic properties of music, so keep your favorite tracks playing to brighten your mood and provide your mind with a distraction when the healing process becomes too overwhelming. Just be careful to avoid songs with lyrics that may only encourage sadness.

Have patience

Allow yourself to experience your feelings to the fullest, and know that having your heart broken will take time to heal. Rushing through the healing process can be just as damaging as not healing at all, so take your time and don’t be hard on yourself if you feel as though you might be taking too long to move on.

Seek help from an Online Life Coach or an Online Counselor

Talking through your heartbreak with an Online Life Coach or an Online Counselor can be a powerful way to process your emotions without the hefty price tag and office visits associated with seeing a Therapist. Online life coaching and online counseling sessions are convenient and accessible, and a Life Coach or Counselor will partner with you to find healthy avenues forward while overcoming the obstacles associated with heartbreak.

Try scheduling one of these sessions today as you take actionable steps toward learning how to heal a broken heart. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches and Online Counselors and book a session. 

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