Focus on The Best Could Happen

Daily Guidance

Focus on the Best That Could Happen

Sometimes you allow your imagination to dwell on the worst case scenario, allowing this fear to stop you from making positive life changes.Univers would like to offer you a diffrent perspective: Instead of brooding over the worst that could occur, put your whole focus on pondering : What's the best that could happen?

Allow your imagination to run free as you think about the wonderfull possibilities. Keep your thoughts anchored on positive outcomes, and feel your exciment as you consider all these options. Know that the actual rest could even exceed everything that you are dreaming about.

With each action you take in the direction of your desire, anticipate the best. Your positive exceptions shine a bright light on the step that's before you . Your illuminated path then takes on a magical quality , which helps you attract abd manifest the very best possible.

Advice : Keep your mind focused on the best-case scenarios. stay optimistic and positive, your faith will attract wonderful new possibilities. Consider yourself truly blessed


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