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Tril More


I tutor Maths at all ages and levels and 11+/Grammar School entrance examinations. I fervently believe that anyone can do anything well, if they develop their skills and understanding in a nurturing learning environment. After initial assessment of my student's needs, we work together on their areas of development. I teach them important concepts and skills, in a simple and easy way and then provide them an environment in which to consolidate their understanding and build their confidence. My students become happy, confident, skilled learners that achieve and succeed. I have developed the highly effective Visual Maths approach to teaching and learning mathematical concepts and skills, in a supportive yet challenging environment. Over the past 20 years, I have been a successful private tutor, classroom teacher, group-intervention teacher, Maths teacher-trainer and Maths consultant.

Professional background

Qualified teacher and Maths consultant


How I work

I use a virtual whiteboard called BitPaper which requires no installation and simply runs on a web browser. Students will need a PC or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Maths Tuition £50

School Entrance Exam Tuition £50

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Do you struggle with Maths? Well let’s make it Visual!

How I found that using visual representations, simple language and small successful steps transforms children's understanding and attitudes towards Maths.

28 November 2018
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