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Tasha Lowrie


I believe that everyone has a right to achieve their full potential and to experience life in all it's fullness, no matter what!

Professional background

Independent Special Education Teacher and Autism Coach

AutismSocial SkillsCommunicationBehaviour ManagementSelf Help SkillsAnxietyMathsEnglishEducationHome School

How I work

I work with families, schools and other organisations. I offer a bespoke service for all clients because everyone is unique. I'll come alongside you to combine my years of experience & training in autism, with your knowledge and understanding of the individual/setting. Together we'll find the best strategies for your personal situation.

Autism Support and Training £40

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Autism: Coping with Change - The Anchor Point Strategy

How does change effect autistic individuals, why are predictable routines so important & what can we do to help?

31 July
Tasha Lowrie has not published an article yet.


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