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Rita Hurry


Coach Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 17 years and was awarded Best LOA Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Flow Mindset Coach, Business Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Coach and recently certified and licensed Nirvana Fitness Instructor. She has helped a number of individuals across the globe achieve their goals and helped many overcome anxiety and their battle with lack of confidence. Coach Rita's clients including Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

Professional background

Mind, Body, Spirit - Fitness, Healing & Meditation

Life coachingmeditationenergy healinglaw of attractionbusinesscareerrelationshipshealth and wellbeingfitnessmindfulness

How I work

It is all about you with one mission - To encourage you to believe in yourself, think big and make the impossible "I'm Possible!" Each session is catered for you personally and Coach Rita adapts sessions to help you in all areas you are struggling in. Coach Rita is easy to talk to and gives you the tools and insight you need.

One to One Meditation Coaching £20

One to One Nirvana Fitness Session £30

One to One Business/Life Coaching £70

One to One Energy Healing £85

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Business Coaching

Business Owners - Are you taking care of You?

During this difficult time, it is so important to ensure you are taking extra care to look after yourself. But are you?

03 April
Business Coaching

Business Owners - Are y...

During this difficult time, it is so important to ensure you are taking extra care to look after yourself. But are you?

03 April
Health Coaching

Building Your Immune Sy...

With this current health scare situation at the moment, we need to be focused on building a strong immune system.

18 March
Life Coaching

What if you just didn't...

What if you stopped listening to those who motivate and encourage you to live your dreams, Would you be happier?

20 February
Life Coaching

What Are You Expecting?

Relationships can be difficult as you are dealing with different personalities. Your perception and expectations can help.

22 January
Life Coaching

The Importance of Now

Too many focus on the future or the past and struggle to be in the present. The present is where the key to success lies.

15 January
Life Coaching

The Power of 'I Am'

We often use the words 'I Am' daily without much thought. But do you realise how powerful it really is?

08 January
Life Coaching

What does love mean to ...

What does true love mean to you? Is it what the media says it should be or is it what your past tells you it should be?

14 November
Life Coaching

Stop Asking Why

Trying to work out why something didn't work out can destroy you and have a negative impact on your life.

18 October
Life Coaching

Confidence is Your Birt...

Many people struggle with lack of confidence and feel overwhelmed by it. But what if confidence was your birthright?

11 September
Life Coaching

"I don't have the answe...

We always expect to have all the answers in life, but what if you don't.? Is it a bad thing?

06 September


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